2024 Quick Facts 

  1. Presentations:
    • Saturday May 4th, 2024 
  2. Time TBD 
  3. Option:
    1. In-Person Conference 
  4. Open to the public—invite your friends, mentors, family, and fellow students (in-person attendees will need to follow all current on-campus COVID protocols)

Submission Deadlines

(Updated 3/20/24)

  1. Call for SubmissionsDeadline March 25, 2024
  2. Submit Senior Presentation AbstractDeadline April 15, 2024
  3. Submit Posters and Presentations:  Deadline April 29, 2024
  4. Submit Journal Articles:  Deadline May 13, 2024

Note: You must use your Stan State email to use the conference forms above.

If you are unable to meet the deadlines above, we will do our best to accommodate you, but we cannot guarantee that your submission or your revised submission will be included in the Conference materials. 

Please note that revisions for the conference will not be accepted after Monday, April 29th.  Please plan ahead.

FAQs & Responses for Student Participants

The Honors Capstone Conference is a conference held each spring. Honors Juniors and Seniors share the work they’ve done on their Honors Capstone Project (HONS 3990, 3500, 4200, 4960) as posters or presentations, depending on where they are in their work.

Two main reasons (there are lots of others):

  1. You want to support fellow Honors students and learn about their work.
  2. You’ll be presenting in the Honors Capstone Conference starting in the next year or two, so you’ll want to know what it’s like.

Show up! That’s all—come check it out, learn new things, and support fellow Honors students. This year, you'll have two options to attend: on Zoom or in-person. Please be sure to register using the links on the Conference page for the option of your choice. You'll also be able to watch videos of presentations and review posters on-line if you miss any that you wanted to see. You'll have a chance to ask presenters question about their poster or presentations during the conference, so be sure to ask about what you'd like to know. On the day of the conference (Apr. 23), you’ll click the Zoom link or arrive at the campus location to enjoy the research presentations.

You will share your Honors Capstone Project in a poster and 1 paragraph (100-150 words) summary/abstract. Your poster and abstract will be displayed online the week before the conference. On the day of the conference, you'll have the opportunity to introduce and sumarize your topic in a 1-3 minute elevator pitch/lighting talk and/or answer questions about your work. You’ll also preview fellow students’ posters and presentations and attend other Q&A sessions at the conference.

Friday, March 25 Call-for-Papers Submission Due
Decide if you'll present on Zoom or in person and then submit your poster title, mentor (if any), and your conference information through the online Call for Submissions

Thursday, April 14
Upload your poster (save it as a PDF) and a 1 paragraph (100-150 words) summary. PDF poster, paragraph summary, and poster text due

Monday-Friday, April 18-22 Poster and Presentation Viewing Window
Visit the Capstone Conference webpage to view posters and presentations

Saturday, April 23 Capstone Conference
Zoom presenters: Click the Zoom link on the Capstone Conference webpage.

In-Person presenters: Complete the daily self-screening form and come to DBH 166 & 165 for the in-person sessions (provided you’re clear to be on campus—green screen; if not, please contact the Honors Director (eebell@csustan.edu) and your HONS 3990 professor so we can make alternate arrangements).

Session times and presentation order will be posted on the Conference webpage and your HONS 3990 Canvas page—be sure to check! You’ll have the opportunity to give a 1-3 minute elevator pitch/lightening talk introducing your research topic. When your turn comes, the session moderator will put your poster on the screen and introduce you. You’ll make your pitch, the audience will applaud, you’ll have a minute or so to answer questions, the moderator will thank you, the audience will applaud again, and you’ll sit down (in-person) or mute yourself (Zoom). You’ll then enjoy the rest of the session. If there is any time at the end of the session, the moderator will lead additional discussion.

Welcome to the show!

All Seniors in HONS 496 (in-person and Zoom presenters) will submit at a 10 minute video of their presentation that will be posted on the Capstone Conference website. For Zoom presenters, the video will also serve as a back-up in case there are technical difficulties during the Zoom conference.

On the day of the conference, you’ll give your presentation in-person or on Zoom, depending on the conference experience you’ve chosen. Please arrive (on Zoom or at DBH 166 & 167) at least 10 minutes before the beginning of your session. If you’re presenting in-person, be sure to complete the daily-self screening form before you come to campus (if you’re not clear to be on campus—red screen; please contact the Honors Director (eebell@csustan.edu) and your HONS 3990 professor so we can make alternate arrangements). Session times and presentation order will be posted on the Conference webpage and your HONS 4960 Canvas page—be sure to check! When the time comes for your presentation, the session moderator will introduce you and you’ll give your presentation. Right after you finish speaking, there will be 3-5 minutes for you to take questions from the audience. When your Q&A time has ended, the moderator will thank you, the audience will applaud, and you’ll sit down (in-person) or mute yourself (Zoom). You’ll then enjoy the rest of the session.

Friday, April 8th
Senior abstracts (and final presentation title) are due via the Capstone 2022 Call for Submissions

When does my MP4 video presentation for the conference need to be uploaded? 

Friday, April 16th
Upload HONS 4960 MP4 Oral Presentations

It will need to be a 10-minute MP4 video, so we recommend recording your presentation in Zoom or Panopto. The University has a subscription to both so you can access them through your MyStanState portal.

You’ll talk about this in more detail in HONS 4960, but here are the basic steps:

  1. Create your PowerPoint
  2. Make sure your zoom is set to save screen recordings in the cloud or locally
  3. Start a Zoom meeting
  4. Share your screen (click the green folder at the bottom center of the Zoom window)
  5. Open your PowerPoint and click “Start Slideshow”
  6. Hit “Alt+R” to start recording on your computer—the green border around your screen will disappear when you start recording and re-appear when you stop
  7. Give your 10-minute presentation
  8. Hit “Alt+R” again to end the recording
  9. End the meeting
  10. Open the “Zoom” folder in your “My Documents” folder (or wherever you told Zoom to save it)
  11. Check the video to make sure it looks the way you want it to look
  12. Rename the file with your last name
  13. Upload the video 
  14. Upload a copy of your PowerPoint

How to Record a Presentation Youtube Video 

Visit the Capstone Conference webpage to view posters and presentations—they will be available starting April 18.

Honors stoles and certificates will be available after the conference—we’ll contact you via email with more information.

Friday, May 13, 2022

Please upload a Word document using the template found here: Template 

Download template as a word document and copy-paste your work. Please do not change formatting. You’ll replace the text in the example with your info, rename it with your last name, first name and then submit the article.

Submitting the article for publication is separate from any assignments you have in your HONS 4960 class. Please follow your professor’s instructions on how to approach publication.

Since ours is an interdisciplinary journal, you are welcome to use APA, Chicago Manuel of Style, or MLA style for your references (in-text & Works Cited/References page or footnotes).

If you would like to use a discipline-specific style please check with me so I can approve it in advance (and not mistakenly “correct” it to another style). These style guides apply only to citing your sources—you’ll use the attached template to format your article.

The Purdue OWL and our library have excellent resources!

Your article should be 15 pages or less in the attached format. If it’s longer, we may request edits before it is published.

If you think you may need more space, please talk with Dr. Bell about it in advance.

You can find examples of recent journal issues in the IC or on the Honors website. Additionally, you can go to the Journals Page to see our most recent examples.

Yes! If you’re working with a mentor, be sure to ask for their edits and suggestions before submitting your article.

Your article should be the most complete presentation of your project you can write at this point in time. You’ll want to update your draft to include the results you’ll present in the Capstone Conference.

Due to the COVID pandemic, we are behind in the printing process for Journals. If you would like a copy, please reach out via email and we will let you know where we are with them.

Yes, later this year the journal will be posted online and you will find a link associated with your article.

Updated: March 20, 2024