The Honors Curriculum

Gateways to Opportunity

The Stanislaus University Honors Program is designed for students who desire a program of study suited to the cultivation of strong intellectual curiosity. As a condition of admission to the program, students must demonstrate a solid commitment to both their own intellectual growth and the success of an academic community of learning. Though we will not require evidence of high levels of prior academic achievement, we are committed to admitting only those students who can demonstrate unusual curiosity, a hunger for intellectual vitality, strong academic capabilities, and a personal investment in contributing to the growth of collective learning.

Much of the coursework in this program is theme-based and linked across semesters. The skill-building courses will work together to promote effective integration of the basic aptitudes of sound intellectual work. Communication skills are emphasized at all levels of the curriculum. The program stresses development of increasingly sophisticated aptitudes for research and analysis. As a result of considerable training in a broad array of methods of discovery, students will develop a versatile range of research competencies. They are encouraged to apply these skills to significant questions and problems, in creative ways that reflect multiple levels of intellectual and community involvement.