What is the Senior Capstone Project?

With the Honors Capstone Project, students have the chance to craft a research project or produce a scholarly/creative work in any field of interest chosen.

Students will need to plan ahead for the classes heading up to the Capstone project. Preparation starts junior year in HONS 3990, where they will start brainstorming topics and present a poster on their chosen topic by the end of the spring.

Senior year, students will take two more courses to design, publish, and present their research in the annual Capstone Conference. Their work will then be published in the Honors Journal of Exploratory Research.

A flow chart titled Course Sequence for the Honors Capstone Project. (1) In the spring semester of your junior year, take Honors 3990 (1 unit). Explore your Capstone topic, present a poster on your initial project. (2) In the fall semester of your senior year, take Honors 3500 (3 units). Design, complete, and contextualize your project. Draft Journal Article. (3) In the spring semester of your your senior year, take Honors 4960 (1 unit). Complete your project, publish Journal article, present at the Honors Capstone Conference.(4) Once steps are completed, you can graduate! Be sure to start your Capstone Project by taking Honors 3990 no later than your second-to-last (penultimate*) Spring semester on campus.


Student Researcher/Presenter FAQ's


Research Process Steps

Updated: November 21, 2023