What are some advantages of being enrolled in the Honors Program?

  1. class-size is smaller (typically 20-25 students per section)
  2. the courses emphasize discussion-based instruction.
  3. course themes are engaging and ambitious, but the workload is not more demanding than regular courses satisfying the same requirements
  4. you get to develop connections with faculty mentors
  5. there is competitive scholarship opportunities for students in the program
  6. sense of community with fellow students in the program
  7. personal use of the Honors study lounge
  8. opportunity to develop a special research project with a faculty mentor before you graduate
  9. special trips and free admission to select art museums or theatre performances in Bay Area
  10. free admission to music events on campus

Are Honors classes more difficult than regular coursework?

Generally not. They will not require more study time or writing assignments than regular GE courses, but there will be a stronger expectation that students should come to class prepared to discuss assigned material.

Are Honors courses extra requirements?

(Do I need to take more classes to graduate if I a€™m in the Honors Program?)

Courses in the first three years satisfy regular GE requirements. The only extra coursework is in the senior year when students work on their senior Capstone Research Projects. Some of your thesis units can be used to satisfy major requirements in most cases.

When are applications due?

Honors Program applications should be submitted as soon as possible.

  • We accept and evaluate Honors Program applications on a rolling basis. But as long as your application is submitted by March 2nd, you will be guaranteed consideration for scholarship support and admission to the program. Honors Program applications can be submitted electronically simply by visiting our application page. We can also mail you a brochure that describes the benefits and curriculum associated with the program. Contact us if you would like to receive this information.

Do you have any other questions for us? Feel free to send them by email to Jim Tuedio (jtuedio@csustan.edu) and we will make sure someone gets back to you with a response! Thanks for your interest in the Honors Program.