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There's more to life than just academia! 

Honors Endeavor is an organization that is built on learning, enrichment, and building lasting relationships while supporting the Honors Program. Any student is welcome to join!

New Officer Elections Coming Soon!

How to Join

  1. Go to WarriorHub
  2. Login
  3. Search Endeavor
  4. Click Join!


President: Bradley Sanow (bsanow@csustan.edu                                                      

Treasurer: Jaime Mejia M. (jmejiamorales@csustan.edu

Student Event Coordinator: Marcus Ruddicks (mruddicks@csustan.edu)


The Art Mural Committee has received approval for the IC patio mural and is working diligently on fundraising hoping to complete the project by Spring 2020. Our future mural will be similar to this imposed picture on the patio.

Art Mural