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The program is open to students from all majors. We admit cohorts of freshmen and juniors, and accept sophomore and mid-year applicants on a space-available basis. Please complete the entire application to get the process started.
Please respond to the following questions. The Admissions Committee will place a heavy emphasis on these responses when evaluating a candidate’s application for admission to the Honors program. Keep in mind that we are looking for a group of highly motivated, intellectually curious students. Though academic potential is often reflected in a student’s past academic achievements, we also recognize that some highly motivated students will need to discuss nontraditional measures of their academic potential. Please limit each response to 300 words.
Introduce yourself to us. What do you expect to gain from the CSU Stanislaus Honors Program, and how do these expectations relate to your plans for the future? What do you expect to bring to the Honors community?
We are interested in learning something about how you attend to and reflect on what’s going on around you. What interests you? Develop and discuss a topic, theme, issue or controversy that has caught your interest and made you think. Describe what it is that has caught your interest. Then present and discuss your perspective on the matter.