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Business Administration

  • Master of Business Administration, Evening
  • Master of Business Administration, Executive
  • Master of Business Administration, Online

Public Affairs & Service

  • Master of Public Administration
  • Nonprofit Management Certificate
  • Master of Arts in Criminal Justice


  • Master of Arts in Education
  • Doctor of Education in Educational
    Leadership (EdD)

Credentials & Certificates

Health & Human Services

  • Master of Arts in Child Development
  • Master of Arts in Psychology
  • Master of Science in Psychology
  • Master of Science in Nursing
  • Master of Social Work
  • Master of Social Work, Hybrid

Humanities & Sciences

  • Master of Arts in English
  • Master of Arts in History
  • Master of Science in Biological Sciences
  • Master of Science in Marine Sciences
  • Master of Interdisciplinary Studies Program

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Business Administration

Turlock | 2 years | 30 units | Face-to-face

Accelerate your career by earning your MBA at Stanislaus State. Designed for working professionals that desire evening classes and the flexibility to take as few or many classes as your schedule permits. Our mission is to prepare individuals to become skilled organizational managers and professionals both able and willing to lead people in meeting the many challenges presented by competitive, complex environments.


  • Accounting
  • Business Analytics
  • Finance
  • General

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Turlock, Stockton, Tracy | 15 months | 36 units | Saturdays and online classes

The Executive MBA is designed for executives and business leaders who have at least five years of industry experience and a bachelor’s degree in any field, work full time, and desire an accelerated program. Students engage in a cohort comprised of professionals with diverse backgrounds to enhance their leadership experience and professional knowledge.

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Online | 2 years | 30 units

The Online MBA offers courses that can be accessed anytime and anywhere, allowing you maximum flexibility to complete your degree while remaining in your current job and meeting family responsibilities. The program is taught by faculty certified in best practices in online learning.


  • Finance
  • Human Resource Management
  • General

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Public Affairs & Service

Turlock & Stockton | 2 - 3 years | 36-39 units | Face-to-face

Established in 1973 and nationally accredited since its inception, the Master of Public Administration offers a professional graduate program designed to equip professional public servants to make an impact on their communities, and prepare them for the many roles, organizations, and sectors their careers will span.

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Online | 6 months | 12 Units

The Graduate Nonprofit Management Certificate program is designed to equip professionals interested in the nonprofit sector with the necessary knowledge and practices needed for successful nonprofit leadership. This four-course program also provides academic credit that can be transferred into the MPA program.

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Turlock | 2 years | 33 Units | Face-to-face

Our Master’s program offers an in-depth study of theory, research, and practice in the field of criminal justice. Graduate curriculum draws upon the expertise of faculty who specialize in a variety of core areas including, but not limited to, corrections, criminology, juvenile justice, courts, research, and policing. This ‘generalist’ approach prepares post-graduates for a variety of careers within the growing field of criminal justice.

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Turlock, Stockton, Various Satellite Locations | 2 - 3 years | 30 - 69 units | Face-to-face

The Master of Arts in Education is designed for current teachers in the field. This program offers multiple areas of concentration to help customize your learning experience. Areas of study include: literature-based instruction, research and trends, multicultural education, reading assessment and evaluation as well as introducing a myriad of teaching strategies.


School Administration
Turlock, Various Satellite Locations | 2 years | 33 units | Face-to-face
The Master of Arts in Education, School Administration Concentration, is a nationally recognized program that includes the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential. Enrollment in the program offers three options for completing the culminating scholarly activity: (1) thesis, (2) project, and (3) comprehensive examination. Each course offers not only practical and theoretical methods of school management, but also the highest ethical principles. Graduates are expected to serve as models of leadership in the schools of the future.

Curriculum and Instruction
Turlock | 2-3 years | 30 units | Face-to-face
For current teachers in the field, a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction will strengthen your skills and provide practical training and knowledge that can be applied in your own classroom. Each of the six areas of empahsis: (1) Multilingual Education, (2) Educational Technology, (3) Reading, (4) Special Education, (5) Elementary Education, and (6) Secondary Education, offers a variety of classes from which to select, customizing your learning to best meet your needs. The research-based program explores a variety of teaching methods and the classes are designed to meld theory and practice that allow for successful application in the field.

Counselor Education
Turlock | 2 years | 32-35 units | Face-to-face
The Master of Arts in Education, Counselor Education Concentration, is intended for those who wish to provide counseling in a variety of settings such as the substance abuse field, working with foster children, counseling/advising in higher education settings, working with the homeless, or numerous other counseling-related positions that require a Master’s degree. It is also available as a combined program with the Pupil Personnel Services Credential, or the Professional Clinical Counselor option.

Counselor Education and Pupil Personnel Services Credential
Turlock | 2-3 years | 51-60 units | Face-to-face
The Master of Arts in Education, Counselor Education and Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) Credential is intended for students who aspire to offer counseling services in K-12 schools and/or higher education. The PPS Credential is required for counselors in the K-12 setting. Upon completion of the program, students qualify for both a PPS credential and a Master of Arts in Education.

Counselor Education with Professional Clinical Counselor Option
Stockton | 2-3 years | 60-69 units | Face-to-face
The Master of Arts in Education, Counselor Education Concentration: Professional Clinical Counselor (PCC) option is intended for those who wish to obtain a Board of Behavioral Sciences license and practice as an independent counselor in the community. Upon completion of the M.A. in Education, Counselor Education: Professional Clinical Counselor program, graduates are qualified to pursue PCC licensure.

Turlock | 3 years | 60 units | Face-to-face Friday/Saturday

The doctoral program in educational leadership is a three-year, cohort-based program designed for working professionals. This student-centered program prepares visionary PreK-12 and higher education leaders to research and understand problems of practice that perpetuate structural inequities. EdD scholars transform educational organizations through collaborative, creative, and inclusive solutions that promote community empowerment. Throughout the program, students practice collaboration, critical thinking, critical self-reflection, and develop awareness of psychological well-being and self-care practices in professional and personal roles.

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Health & Human Services

Turlock | 1.5 years | 34 units | Two evenings per week

The Master of Arts in Child Development includes classes that integrate developmental research into applied professional settings. You will experience a high-quality program that includes theory, research and professional applications that will prepare you for advanced careers.

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Turlock | 2 - 3 years | 60 units | Face-to-face

A Master of Social Work (MSW) prepares professional social workers to advance social justice and to meet the growing human service needs of the university’s service area. The curriculum emphasizes social work practice in public social services, health, mental health, corrections, and schools. Graduates are prepared to use an advanced integrative practice approach to work with individuals, families and communities to promote personal and collective liberation.

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Stockton | 2 years | 60 units | Saturdays and online classes

The Master of Social Work, Hybrid (combination of face-to-face and online courses) specializes in integrative clinical practice in health and behavioral health settings that advance social justice and enhance individual and community well-being.

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Turlock | 1 - 2 years | 30 - 40 units | Face-to-face

The Master of Arts in Psychology offers a General track and a concentration in Behavior Analysis. The Behavior Analysis program provides students with knowledge and experience in applying the science of Behavior Analysis to a variety of areas. In addition, students will fulfill the academic requirements to be eligible to become Board Certified Behavior Analysts. The General program is designed to prepare students for advanced graduate work and to provide the opportunity to engage in mentored research.


  • Behavior Analysis (40 units)
  • General (30 units)

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Turlock | 2-3 years | 60 - 61 units | Face-to-face

The Master of Science (MS) in Psychology prepares students for professional roles as counselors, therapists and/or behavior analysts. Successful completion of the MS involves coursework, supervised practicum experience, and thesis research. Our MS program meets the California Board of Behavioral Sciences educational requirements to be eligible to become licensed as a Marriage Family Therapist. Additionally, students in the Behavior Analysis Concentration also fulfill the academic requirements to be eligible to become Board Certified Behavior Analysts.


  • Marriage and Family Therapy, Behavior Analysis (61 units)
  • Marriage and Family Therapy, Counseling (60 units)

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Turlock | 2 - 3 years | 36 - 48 units | Face-to-face/Hybrid

The Master of Science in Nursing is designed to prepare skilled professionals that contribute to the health, education, and social structure of the community, state, nation, and world. Students will understand health policy, disparities, research, and theories, which will prepare them to assume leadership positions in an ever-evolving health care system.


  • Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Gerontological Nursing
  • Nursing Administration
  • Nursing Education

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Humanities & Sciences

Turlock | 2 - 3 years | 30 units | Face-to-face

The Master of Arts in English serves the personal and professional needs of various students: those currently teaching or intending to teach high school; those intending to teach at the community college level; those anticipating doctoral studies; and those simply interested in the personal growth that advanced studies in English provide.


  • Literature
  • Rhetoric & Teaching Writing
  • Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

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Turlock | 2 - 3 years | 30 units | Face-to-face

The Master of Arts in History will help you develop a working knowledge of the seminal works of history, hone your ability to conduct research, heighten your analytical skills and increase your literary skills. The program offers a variety of courses in the U.S., Latin America, European, Asian, and Middle Eastern history, as well as individual study opportunities.

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Turlock | 2 years | 30 units | Face-to-face

The Master of Science in Biological Sciences emphasizes high-level training in the biological sciences through coursework and the completion of an original research-based thesis. The program offers students an opportunity to obtain advanced academic and research experience in specialized areas of biology and is suitable for students wishing to gain higher-level employment or continue to higher-level academic pursuits.

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Turlock & Moss Landing Marine Laboratories | 2 years | 30 units | Face-to-face

The Master of Science in Marine Sciences program is offered as an interdepartmental degree in appropriate science departments (biology, geology, chemistry) in cooperation with Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, a multi-campus marine research consortium of the CSU system. It provides the opportunity for students to acquire a practical and theoretical education in the marine sciences to prepare them for careers as marine specialists, scientists, and teachers.

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Turlock | 2 - 3 years | MA - 30 units | MS - 36 units | Face-to-face

The MA/MS Interdisciplinary Studies is an innovative program intended for students whose interests and needs do not fit within traditional master’s degree programs. Each Interdisciplinary Studies student custom-designs a course of study, combining two or more disciplines into a program with a distinct, coherent theme. The program is designed for exceptional, individual cases and provides an opportunity for self-directed learning and an educational experience specifically relevant to a student’s unique needs.

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Turlock | 2 - 3 years | 36 units | Face-to-face

This program provides a strong foundation in geographic concepts and methods with in-depth coursework in geospatial technology and landscape analysis. Particular strengths include migration and cultural landscape change, urban sustainability, fluvial geomorphology, and environmental and agricultural land cover change. The program is designed to prepare students for careers in geospatial technology, as well as prepare students interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in Geography or a related discipline.

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Graduate Learning Goals

To ensure the quality of the advanced programs and student learning experiences, the Graduate Council established six student learning goals for graduate/postbaccalaureate students in master's and doctoral degree programs.

  1. Students will demonstrate advanced knowledge, skills, and values appropriate to the discipline.
  2. Students will demonstrate the ability to be creative, analytical, and critical thinkers within the scope of the discipline.
  3. Students will demonstrate the ability to contribute to the scholarship of their disciplines.
  4. Students will demonstrate relevant knowledge of diverse perspectives and broader contexts as appropriate to the discipline.
  5. Students will demonstrate knowledge of new and various methods and applications as appropriate to the discipline.
  6. Students will be required to demonstrate advanced communication skills, complemented, as appropriate to the discipline, by the ability to access and analyze information from myriad primary, print, and technological sources.

The Graduate Council continually assesses the achievement of these goals using surveys, program reviews, and analyses of student academic performance.

Updated: July 29, 2022