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  • Congratulations to the Doctoral Program 2016 Outstanding Student: Monique Preciado!
  • Congratulations to Jim Riggs for being awarded the Patricia Cross Papers Fellowship for 2015-16 from the League of Innovations in the Community College. 
  • Congratulations to Laura Fong on her proposal being accepted at the ACSA/ASAA Women in Leadership Forum "Are you a Queen Bee? How to build and empower aspiring and current female leaders"
  • Congratulations to Michael McCandless.  He has been appointed as the new Dean of Student Equity at Merced College
  • Congratulations to Jesse De La Cruz on the New York Times article.

Recent Articles

  • Equity traps then and now: deficit thinking, racial erasure and naive acceptance of meritocracy. Whiteness and Education.
    McKenzie, K. & Phillips, G. (2016)
  • "Hypermedia -Based Tutoring" Methodology for the prodution of hypermedia resources through face-to-face tutoring
    Manuel F. Aguilar-Tamayo, Silvia T. Acuna, and Virginia Montero Hernandez
  • "Tracking instructional quality across secondary mathematics and English Language Arts classes"
    Morgaen L. Donaldson, Kimberly LeChasseur, and Anysia Mayer
  • "Invisible Asian Americans: The Intersection of Sexuality, Race, and Education among Gay Asian Americans"
    By Daniel Soodjinda​
  • Transforming the Institution from the Inside: Creating the Brave New Community College of the Future
    By Jim Riggs
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  • New Ceres campus home to adult education classes, part of regional effort
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  • How Do You Define a Gang Member?
    By Daniel Alarcon
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  • Dr. Kathleen Pon published an article in Ed Leadership for May/June issue.
    ​"Building a Shared Understanding of Learning."
  • Situating teacher inquiry: a micropolitical perspective
    Anysia P. Mayer and others
    Published online: 27 Mar 2015
    Read full article
  • 'It's like giving us a car, only without the wheels': a critical policy analysis of an early college programme
    Leslie Ann Locke & Kathryn Bell McKenzie
    Published online: 16 Mar 2015
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  • Soodjinda, D., Parker, J.K., Ross, D.L. & Meyer, E.J. (2015).  CSU Digital Ambassadors: An empowering and impactful faculty learning community.  Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education, 31(1), 35-42
  • Olivant, K. (2015).  "I Am Not a Format": Teachers' experiences with fostering creativity in the era of accountability.  Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 29(1), 115-129.
  • Moving the center of expertise: Applying a communities of practice framework to understand coaching in urban school reform
    J Educ Change
    Anysia Mayer, Sarah Woulfin, and Larisa Warhol
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  • Creating High Leverage Policies: A New Framework to Support Policy Development
    Berkeley Review of Education, 4(2)
    Author: Casey D. Cobb, Morgaen L. Donaldson, and Anysia P. Mayer
    Read more

Other highlights:

Dr. Dawn Poole presented at the Fall Computer Using Educators Conference in Napa, CA
"Digital Media in Teaching Reading"

Dr. Kathryn Bell McKenzie And Glenn Phillips presented the paper:
​ "Equity Traps Then and Now: Deficit Thinking, Racial Erasure and Naive Acceptance of Meritocracy"

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