Interdisciplinary Studies Program

Molly Crumpton Winter, Ph.D., Program Director
(209) 664-6768

The MA/MS Interdisciplinary Studies program at CSU Stanislaus is an innovative program intended for students whose interests and needs do not fit within traditional master's degree programs. Each Interdisciplinary Studies student custom-designs a course of study, combining two or more disciplines into a program with a distinct, coherent theme. The program is designed for exceptional, individual cases and provides an opportunity for self-directed learning and an educational experience specifically relevant to a student's unique needs.

MA/MS Interdisciplinary Studies Program Proposal and Checklist:

Program Checklist & Proposal.pdf

Information for the concentration in Geospatial Analysis of Human and Environmental Change

For Information on Applying to Graduate School:

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Dates and Deadlines

2014 IS Student Proposals Due 2014 IS Committee Meeting Dates    
Proposals received by this deadline:             Will be reviewed by the committee at this meeting:    
January 23, 20145 February TBD    
April 13, 2015 May TBD    
August 7, 2015 September TBD    
November 6, 2015 December TBD    


Geospatial Concentration Deadlines:

Apply to the University by March 15th

  • GRE exam is due at the time of the University application submission

Program Proposal is due by November 7th (for students provisionally admitted to the program)

  • To start the program in the Fall

Forms and Publications