Dr. Peggy Hauselt, Program Director
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MSR 160

The MA/MS Interdisciplinary Studies program at Stanislaus State is an innovative program intended for students whose interests and needs do not fit within traditional master's degree programs. Each Interdisciplinary Studies student custom-designs a course of study, combining two or more disciplines into a program with a distinct, coherent theme. The program is designed for exceptional, individual cases and provides an opportunity for self-directed learning and an educational experience specifically relevant to a student's unique needs.

Additionally, the IS Program provides concentrations in Geospatial Analysis of Human and Environmental Change. Please see the web page for contact information and application procedures.

Applying to the IS program is a three-step process:

1. Discuss your interest in the IS program with one or more professors you would like to work with. Obtain the support of at least one professor, and complete the Faculty Commitment Form. Meet with the IS Program Director to discuss your educational plan and the admissions process.

2. Apply to the Graduate School at Stanislaus State. Complete an online application, and submit your GRE scores and transcripts to the Graduate School (a minimum GRE score of 3.5 on the Writing section is required for admittance).

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3. Following admission to the university, apply for classified admission to the IS program no later than the end of your first semester. In consultation with your faculty advisor, complete a Program Proposal, submit it to the IS Director, and meet with the IS Committee to discuss your proposal. This should idealy be completed before you enroll in classes, but no later than your first semester of taking courses. Program Checklist & Proposal.pdf

Dates and Deadlines

2020 IS Student Proposals Due
Proposals received by this deadline:
2020 IS Committee Meeting Dates
Will be reviewed by the committee at this meeting:
January 15, 2020 early February 2020, TBD
April 15, 2020 early May 2020, TBD
August 15, 2020 early September 2020, TBD
November 15, 2020 early December 2020, TBD

Forms and Publications

Updated: July 29, 2022