Dr. Tony Perrello, Program Director
(209) 667-3274
DBH 235F

Graduate students in the MA/MS Interdisciplinary Studies Program are innovators. They understand that thriving in a dynamic economic landscape requires not only flexibility, collaboration, and social and analytical skills, but specialized competencies not readily available in traditional academic programs. Master’s students in the IS Program at Stanislaus State custom-design their own courses of study, combining two or more disciplines to create a hybridized degree program responsive to the needs of the modern workforce. The IS Program also offers predesigned collaborative pathways for students, some of which begin with concentrations in Geospatial Analysis of Human and Environmental Change or in Computer Information Systems. The IS Program aims not only to instill specialized skills and knowledge in its students, but to move them expeditiously into high-end jobs; the Internship Program is therefore an important experience for many IS students.

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Updated: August 12, 2022