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This page is designed to support our faculty, program directors, and program administrators with frequently used resources. This site is still being developed. If you can't find something you need, please contact us at GraduateStudies@csustan.edu. Your input is appreciated.

For questions pertaining to advising or admissions, please contact the Office of Admissions & Outreach Services at Outreach_Help_Desk@csustan.edu.

For questions pertaining to enrollment, registration, or evaluations please contact Rachel Moran at rschwartz3@csustan.edu.




  • The Fall 2024 application period is open and will close June 30, 2024. Program deadlines will be reflected in Cal State Apply. 
  • The Candidacy Form deadline for Fall 2023 graduates is January 9, 2024
  • The thesis/project/dissertation deadline for Spring 2024 graduates is May 10, 2024


    Change in Admission/Denial Process Beginning Fall 2024 

    The process for students applying to graduate programs will change for the Fall 2024 application cycle (note: applications are currently open). All applications will be reviewed using WebAdmit and admission decisions will be made in WebAdmit.
    Please note: applications will no longer be emailed to the program director/coordinator. Bachelor’s degrees will be validated, and the overall GPA will be identified and document in WebAdmit, however the GPA calculation of the last 60 units will only be completed upon request.
    To assist with these changes, please review:

    1. Business Process Guide (BPG)
    2. A training video for the electronic application review using WebAdmit is here 
    3. Book a WebAdmit training session via Zoom here

    Graduate Faculty and Mentor Workshop PowerPoint, Oct. 12, 2023

Updated: January 03, 2024