Graduate Programs

Application Deadline for FALL 2017 Admissions: January 15, 2018

The Psychology Department at California State University Stanislaus, would like to thank you for your interest in our Master's programs in Psychology. We offer two Masters Degrees, a Master of Arts in Psychology (MA) and a Master of Science (MS) in Psychology. In the MS program we offer two areas of concentration: Behavior Analysis and Counseling. In the MA program we offer two areas of concentration: General and Behavior Analysis.

The MA General program is a 30 semester unit program designed to prepare students for acceptance into Ph.D. programs in Psychology. Successful completion of the MA involves coursework and thesis research. The student may choose from a variety of psychology courses (with faculty approval) to fulfill the requirements. A competent, full-time student can finish the MA in one year.

The MA Behavior Analysis is a 40 semester unit program designed to prepare students for  master’s level work as Behavior Analysts in a wide variety of settings as well as PhD programs with a behavioral emphasis. It contains the Behavior Analysis Certification Board (BACB) Verified Course Sequence to qualify for the international exam to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). It also includes a graduate level practicum experience that is verified by the BACB for experience hours at the Intensive Practicum rate. In addition to advanced coursework in applied behavior analysis (ABA), the program also emphasizes theoretical and philosophical concepts in behavior analysis (Radical Behaviorism), clinical behavior analysis, and animal research in the experimental analysis of behavior (pigeon lab). It also prepares behavior analysts to work in settings that do not have a behavioral orientation. A competent, full- time student can finish the MA Behavior Analysis program in 3 semesters.

The MS program is designed to prepare students for professional roles as counselors, therapists and/or behavior analysts. The MS Counseling concentration changed effective Fall 2012 to meet California licensing requirements. It is now a 60 semester unit program; the MS Behavior Analysis concentration now a 61 semester unit program. Successful completion of the MS involves coursework, supervised practicum experience and thesis research. Our MS program meets the California Board of Behavioral Sciences educational requirements to be eligible to become licensed as Marriage Family Therapist (MFT) in California. A well-organized, productive, full-time student can finish the MS in 5 semesters (2.5 years).

You must complete both a University Application Form as well as the appropriate MA or MS Department of Psychology Graduate Application Form.

Graduate Secretary: Galdina Serrano (209) 667-3386