Our students feel “at home” from their first step on campus, and that feeling continues in the classroom, on teams, in clubs and in the commons where we celebrate Warrior Wednesdays. Students see themselves reflected in their classmates and in our faculty and staff. That sense of belonging and shared goals — including changing the future through their own grit and determination — makes our community Warrior strong and Warrior proud.

Warrior welcome

Students report feeling “at home” from the first time they step on campus. The Warrior spirit moves faculty, staff, and fellow students to reach out to newcomers and welcome, guide, and encourage them at every step.

Warrior spirit

Our students have historically shown great determination, from taking on AP classes in high school to working long hours or raising a family while attending school. All of our students have an eye on a future built on an exceptional college education. That shared grit and spirit brings our community together in the classroom, on the campus, and beyond.

Peer mentoring

We believe that connections and involvement are what make our community great, and connection to the community is the greatest indicator of an individual’s future success. Our strong peer mentorship programs address both social and academic needs and help our students and our community stay strong.

Clubs and organizations

With over 80+ opportunities to connect with fellow students, every student can find their own community within the larger Warrior community. (Turlock only, or limited under current Stockton constraints)


Our student-athletes compete in the NCAA Division II league and we field 14 men’s and women’s teams in the California Collegiate Athletic Association. We consistently compete at conference and national championships and ride high on the spirit of our athletes and the spirited community that supports the teams at home and on the road. (Turlock only)

Updated: January 02, 2024