The following pages outline the message hierarchy for each of Stan State’s key target audiences, including the recommended pillar prioritization for each audience.

  • This hierarchy does NOT preclude the inclusion of the Key Takeaway, which is critical to all communications. The pillars are designed to fully support the overarching sentiment the Key Takeaway (the true core of Stan State’s brand) seeks to convey.
  • The pillars for each audience are listed in order of importance (numbered), from left to right. The core messages associated with each are organized between primary, secondary, and tertiary to help communicators convey the most important related benefits and outcomes first.
  • The pillars and supporting message order are based on research that revealed decision factors for prospective students, the sentiment of current students, and messaging that’s important to faculty, staff, and alumni.

Prospective Students

Download printer-friendly matrix for prospective students

Current Students

Download printer-friendly matrix for current students

Stockton Prospective Students

Download printer-friendly matrix for Stockton prospective students

Faculty & Staff

Download printer-friendly matrix for Faculty & Staff


Download printer-friendly matrix for Alumni

Updated: February 06, 2024