We understand that our students are working to receive more than a degree — they’re changing the trajectory of their lives and that of their family through the power of their education at Stan State. We’ve developed a multi-pronged approach to that education to ensure we’re providing career-readying skills beyond the classroom and leveraging employer and community connections to help our students make the most of their degree.


This unique program partners regional employers with the University, creating a career-focused curriculum, internships, soft skill preparation, mentoring, and direct connections to employers who are actively seeking Stan State’s well-prepared grads.

Interdisciplinary experience

Innovative programs are underway across multiple areas of study, including a recent collaboration and hands-on simulation program with Nursing and Social Work students.

Proven outcomes

Many Stan State grads have gone on to be leaders in business and in government, including the Mayor of Turlock (the second-largest city in Stanislaus County), multiple county supervisors, city council people, and business owners across the Valley and beyond.

Additional Points

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Updated: January 02, 2024