A family member (or friend) can call CAPS with questions regarding our services or to consult about a student of concern. However, the student themselves must call to request an appointment. To make a first-time appointment, the student can call the CAPS office at (209) 667-3381 or stop by during business hours.

Counseling (also referred to as therapy) assists in examining the behaviors, thoughts and feelings that are causing a person difficulties.  A counselor can help your student identify their problems and assist in finding the best ways to cope with the situation by changing behaviors that contribute to the problem or by finding constructive ways to deal with a situation that is beyond their personal control. A counselor will encourage the personal growth and development of your student in ways that promote their well-being.

There are many reasons students may seek counseling. These may include emotional distress, adjusting to college, enhancing personal growth, conflicts in relationships, anxiety, stress management, issues with eating, depressed mood, suicidal thinking, and substance/alcohol use issues.

CAPS is available by phone for consultation to family members and friends who are concerned about a Stan State student's mental health. We invite concerned parents to call our office at (209) 667-3381 during business hours (or in crisis situations, after hours by calling (209) 667-3381 and selecting #2).

If you observe that your student is in distress, you can play an essential role by expressing your concerns in a non-judgmental, caring way. You can start the conversation by:

  • If you are concerned for your student’s imminent safety, call 911 or University Police (209-667-3114).
  • It is okay to ask your student if they are thinking about hurting or killing themselves.
  • Communicate your concern and desire to keep them safe.
  • Send a clear message: “You are not alone,” “I am concerned about you,” “I want to help you get the support you need,”
  • Contact CAPS to consult with a counselor if you are uncertain, 209-667-3381.

Yes. CAPS provides emergency consultation and crisis counseling services for Stan State students in-person, through Zoom, or by telephone. If a student is dealing with an urgent situation or crisis during regular business hours, they can come into the office and request to be seen by a counselor.

CAPS is ethically and legally bound to adhere to confidentiality and we strictly protect the confidentiality of information shared in counseling by our students. This means that CAPS cannot share information with anyone, including whether or not someone is coming to CAPS for services. This may be difficult, in particular when someone is concerned for their student’s welfare. Assurance of privacy is one of the conditions that makes therapy safe and effective. In order to share information, our clients must sign a Release of Information, which then would allow a therapist(counselor) to share information with a designated person. In the event a student is in imminent danger, such as threat of seriously harming self or others, these may be times when we may break confidentiality to ensure safety of the student and others. However, if you have concerns, we are legally permitted to listen to concerns and gather information about a student’s situation.

Enrolled students at Stan State receive free services at CAPS.

Updated: August 11, 2023