Application & Eligibility


The following required criteria, program capacity, and applicants’ demonstrated academic needs are considered when making program admission decisions.

  1. U.S. citizenship or permanent residency
  2. Enrolled undergraduate at Stanislaus State
  3. Demonstrated academic need for support
  4. One or more of the following must also apply:
  • Low income
  • First generation (neither parent has completed a BA/BS degree)
  • Documented disability  

How to apply

Interested students can complete and submit the SSS Application with required documents attached. Complete applications should be submitted in-person to SSS in the Mary Stuart Rogers Gateway Services Building, Suite 245.

The following documents must be included with the submitted application:

  • Signed copy of 1040 Tax Form for previous year.  (If Dependent, parent’s taxes /If Independent, your taxes)
    • If you or your parents were not required to file taxes, a Statement of Low Income is required
  • W-9 Form: (form is being used as certification of citizenship or permanent residency only)
  • Proof of permanent residency if you are not a U.S. Citizen
    • If Naturalized, submit a copy of your Citizenship Certificate
    • If Permanent Resident, submit a copy of your Alien Registration Card (front and back)
  • If applicable, a copy of Certification of Disability
    • Verification can be through Disabled Resource Services (L165) or private physician
  • Unofficial transcripts if you were admitted to Stan State as a transfer student (high school transcripts not required)