Health and Safety

Environmental Safety & Occupational Health (ESOH)

Environmental Safety and Occupational Health (ESOH) encompasses the programs for addressing federal and state laws, regulations, environmental compliance, and hazards associated with environmental impacts, occupational health and safety, hazardous materials management, and injury prevention. Efforts to identify and investigate ESOH hazards and mitigate ESOH risks provide information needed for informed decisions on employee safety.

Campus Safety Committee

To improve the safety culture across Stanislaus State facilities and sites where individuals are actively involved in the promotion and protection of the well being of the Stanislaus State community.

The Campus Safety Committee meets monthly. Meetings are open to visitors, and public comments are heard first on the agenda.

Meeting Schedule:  Monthly meetings are usually at 10:00 a.m. for 1-hour.

Defensive Driver Program

The Defensive Driver and Small Vehicle Safety Programs establish rules and regulations on driving privileges for University Employees using state vehicles (including carts, tractors, etc.), their personal vehicle, or a rental vehicle for University business purposes.

Report an Injury, Illness, or Incidents

In case of an injury, illness or incident: If the injury or illness is life threatening or requires immediate medical attention, call 911. Examples of injuries or illnesses that might require immediate medical attention include, but are not limited to: persistent or sudden chest pain, breathing emergencies (choking etc), uncontrollable bleeding, unconscious or altered level of consciousness, life-threatening injuries, such as injuries from falling ,severe head injuries, severe burn etc. 

To report an Injury, Illness, or Incident: Campus Injury Report Form

Report a Safety Concern

You are encouraged to report unsafe conditions and near misses that you observe on campus without fear of reprisal using this form.  These may include health and safety risks (such as trip and fall hazards or unsafe conduct by employees or students), unsafe driving practices (such as golf carts or maintenance vehicles driving on walkways or pathways too fast), fire safety issues (such as faulty wiring or equipment or tampering with fire safety and equipment), security issues (such as doors propped open), environmental concerns (such as improper disposal of chemicals), and indoor air quality concerns (such as unusual odors).

To make a report, click on: Report a Safety Concern to fill out the proper documentation.