Smoke-Free Campus

As of Sept. 1, 2017, Stanislaus State and all campuses in the CSU system became completely tobacco-free, smoke-free and vape-free. That means all tobacco products, including cigarettes, hookahs, chewing tobacco, smokeless tobacco, vape pens and e-cigarettes will not be permitted in or outside any buildings or in parking areas.

By adopting these policies, Stan State will promote clean air, save staff time spent cleaning cigarette waste and better prepare our students for their future smoke-free work environments. In addition, we wish to prevent our campus community from starting to smoke while we encourage those who do smoke to smoke less and to support those who have already quit to continue their healthy ways.

Did you know that tobacco is the leading cause of preventable and premature deaths in America, accounting for an estimated 443,000 (one out of five) deaths each year? In order to counter the negative effects of tobacco on campuses, the American College Health Association has recommended all colleges and universities adopt a 100 percent tobacco-free campus policy.



Updated: August 21, 2023