Why study alone when you can study with SI...

SI Sessions are one-hour study sessions held regularly two to three times a week facilitated by a trained SI Leader.   Students should come prepared to work with other students in your class to better understand the course material by practicing hands-on through interactive activities.  SI sessions are voluntary and anonymous.  This is a great place to test your understanding and make mistakes without it impacting your grade.  SI Sessions are a free way to get better grades open to all students in the class. 

Our data suggests that the more often students attend SI, the higher their final grades will be in the course.  We recommend attending at least one SI session a week. 

The SI program supports several courses across campus in the following departments:  Biology, Chemistry, History, Political Science, and Anatomy. 

Questions? (209) 667 - 6738   /   si@csustan.edu

Updated: March 19, 2024