The teaching internship program permits students in the Multiple Subject Credential Program to obtain employment as a teacher in collaborating school districts while completing the requirements for the Preliminary Credential.  Interns must still complete all the courses and tests in the Credential Program.  The only difference is that interns do not have to complete student teaching; they receive credit for student teaching from their paid intern teaching position. Please read the section on Teaching Internships in the MSCP Intern Handbook for information on the requirements to be an intern, course sequence for interns, etc.

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This is the Internship handbook and will give you more detailed information.

We are currently offering a second semester intern program. The second semester intern program is for regular student teachers who complete the first semester of the program and then are offered positions in districts for their second semester. Second semester interns continue with their original cohort of student teachers but must meet the requirements for the intern program. Interns must find their own positions although the intern director often assists with this process, and they must fill all state requirements for an Intern Credential. Most internship's involve full time teaching; a minimum of three periods a day is required of part-time interns. An intern position must be in the intern’s subject matter area and must be suitable for earning a Single Subject Credential. The public school hiring the intern must have a Memorandum of Agreement (MOU) with the Department of Teacher Education and must agree to provide a district “intern support provider” to assist the intern. Interns also receive support from an intern university field site director, a university supervisor, and the other interns in the cohort. For a list of the districts with an MOU, contact the Intern Director or the SSCP Coordinator. Internships are generally limited to the six county areas of Merced, Stanislaus, San Joaquin, Calaveras, Tuolumne, and Mariposa counties.

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This is the Internship handbook and will give you more detailed information.

This form goes over the instructions for becoming an intern.

This is a roadmap of classes for prospective SSCP interns. 

The Stanislaus State Internship Program was developed to address the shortage of qualified teachers in special education classrooms.  An internship allows an individual to be the teacher of record while completing a professional preparation program.  The University's Intern Program is administered by Stanislaus State and it is a cooperative program between the University and participating school districts. Individuals are "interns" only if such a formal agreement has been created and approved. The Internship Credential authorizes an individual to serve as a special education teacher employed under the supervision of the university and the school district. An internship is most ideally suited for individuals with a basic understanding of the challenges that face first year teachers and individuals with experience, but limited academic training, as a classroom teacher.  Successful interns also possess the following qualities:

  • Willingness to adapt to the internal processes of the school to which they have been assigned.
  • Willingness to take direction and act in an independent manner when necessary.
  • Excellent oral and written skills.
  • Ability to relate to others.
  • Motivation and flexibility necessary to take on whatever tasks may be assigned and complete them in a professional manner.
  • Mature in attitude and behavior.

The duration of the internship program is one to two years.  Interns participate in a rigorous program leading to the Education Specialist Level I Credential in Mild/Moderate or Moderate/Severe Disabilities.  The intern program is collaboration between Stanislaus State and participating school districts and county offices of education. Once each semester, interns are released from teaching to attend an all-day class conducted by personnel from the school district and/or Stanislaus State or to participate in an approved professional growth activity, e.g., visitations to other classrooms; attendance at a conference or workshop. An intern must meet district employment criteria, as well as, University and Special Education Program admission standards.  Both the University and the district must accept an applicant into the internship program. Interns are employed through the district's Human Resources Department. The University and the participating district collaborate to establish a list of eligible interns.  It is, however, the district that determines employability. An Intern's growth and performance are measured through a variety of class assignments and on-the-job evaluations. An integrated collection of forms, criteria, and processes are used to support, monitor, and evaluate the professional growth and development of the intern. For more information contact the program coordinator, Dr. Karen Webster (209) 667-3267 or via email at 

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This is the Internship handbook and will give you more detailed information.

Updated: February 27, 2023