The Business Quantitative Skills Assessment Test (BQSAT) assesses the student’s quantitative skills, and the test covers a variety of quantitative skills such as: interpreting ratios, converting fractions to decimals, recognizing common percentages, and other quantitative skills.

Students with the catalog year of 2013 to present are required to take the BUS 103 prerequisite for enrollment in OM 3020. The BQSAT is the first option to meet this prerequisite.

The test for students will be available several times throughout the academic year including winter and summer term. The test will be conducted online through Canvas. There is no fee for the test.

Registrations for the BQSAT are processed and confirmed within 1-2 business days after completing the registration form. Students will receive an email confirmation within 1-2 business day of registering. (Reminder: Weekends, holidays or when the campus is closed are not considered business days.)

To learn more, please see the FAQs below or contact Kara Herrick by email,

*PLEASE NOTE* - A valid Stan State email address is required to add you to the Canvas test course. Any other email address (e.g. hotmail, yahoo, gmail) will not be accepted, and you will have to re-register with a valid Stan State email address.

Registration is required and must be received the day before the test begins.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The BQSAT is a 30-question multiple-choice test designed to assess business quantitative skills. A passing score on the BQSAT waives the BUS 0103 course and satisfies the course prerequisite for OM 3020: Management Science.

All students who are enrolling in OM 3020: Management Science and have the catalog year of 2013 to present. If you are unsure of your catalog year, please visit an evaluator for clarification.

The BQSAT will be administered as an online test through Canvas. Students can check for the course by going to, logging in with their warrior id and password, and clicking on the Canvas icon under the Learning Management System box. For test dates, please visit the Business Quantitative Skills Assessment Test homepage.

Students will have 90 minutes to complete the BQSAT. The testing window may be open for an extended period of time, but the test is timed at 90 minutes. Once a student begins the test, the timer starts on the test. The timer will continue even if the student logs out of Canvas.

Accommodations for the test will be available through Disability Resource Services (DRS). To receive accommodations, you must be registered with DRS prior to the test date to receive the accommodation. 

If you are currently registered with the DRS, please complete the testing card for BQSAT with DRS. 

If you are not currently not registered with DRS, you may register with DRS by following their registration process on their website

The BQSAT will be administered several times throughout the academic year. This includes the fall, winter, spring and summer terms. The tests will be conducted through Canvas. Dates and times will vary due to the academic calendar. See upcoming test dates.

Students will be able to register for a test date through the form below.

Online Registration Form

No. There is no fee for the test, and no penalty if a student does not attend the test date on which the student registered.

Students will need access to the internet and a computer to access Canvas in order to take the test.

Students will receive an email from a specified CBA faculty or staff stating their results within two (2) to ten (10) business days of the test date.

You are now able to enroll in OM 3020, as long as the other prerequisites for the course have been met.

You will have the opportunity to take the BQSAT a second time.  Please keep in mind you must either pass the BQSAT, complete ALEKS Essential Math Skills for Business, or complete BUS 0103: Elementary Business Quantitative Analysis before enrolling in OM 3020.

ALEKS Essential Math Skills for Business is an online, self-paced program that can be taken to meet the BUS 103 prerequisite. There will be an out-of-pocket cost for the course. It will not be covered under financial aid. 

Students will need to purchase a course code online and enroll with the instructor code. The instructor code will allow the Accreditation Analyst, who is the instructor of the course, to receive notification of progress and completion.

Students will need to complete the course by receiving 100% on the pie chart of topics to receive credit. Upon completion, the student will receive an email notifying the student that the prerequisite has been met.

Enrollment Instructions for ALEKS 

BUS 0103: Elementary Business Quantitative Analysis is a two (2) unit course scheduled during the Fall and Spring semesters. Students can enroll in the course during the regular registration times each semester. 

This course meets one of the prerequisites for students to enroll in OM 3020: Management Science. 

A student must receive a passing score or "credit" to complete the course. A student may take this course multiple times until he or she passes the course.

Yes, but if you have not completed the BQSAT, ALEKS or BUS 0103 by the first day of class, the OM professor will administratively withdraw you from the course.

If you have questions about your catalog year, please see an evaluator for clarification. 

If you have questions about the prerequisite or academic advising, please see your Faculty Advisor or CBA Academic Advisor

If you have questions about any else regarding the test or prerequisite, please contact Kara Herrick, AACSB Accreditation Analyst, at or 667-3282.

Updated: December 16, 2021