Academic Advising

Who is my business advisor?

Advising in the College of Business Administration is a dual activity between Faculty Advisors, Student Success Center Advisor and Peer Advisors to work at providing you with the academic and career advising need to be successful in your educational pursuit.

Advising is not mandatory for business administration students.  It is highly recommended that they obtain academic advising at least 1x in an academic year to ensure they are on track and are successful in their education.

Faculty Advisors

Spring 2015 Faculty Advisors

  • Faculty are assigned under each Concentration under each Department within the College of Business Administration
  • Students are advised to see the Faculty in their Concentration that aligns with their Last Name. 
  • Assist with Business Administration Major Requirements and Career Advising
  • Graduation Approval Forms signatures & completions
  • Business Course Transfer Credit Approvals & Articulations

Student Success Center 

More information and resources

Academic Advisor

  • ALL Major & Degree Advising for all business students
  • Probation
  • Transfer/ Articulation
  • Graduation Approval Forms completion & signature
  • Career Advising (Jobs & Internships)
  • Personal & Social Advising 

What is the difference between my Faculty Advisor and Academic Advisor? 

You can think of the difference in roles of your Faculty and SSC Advisor as a difference in perspective. 

Faculty Advisors are experts in their chosen field of study and provide specific, in-depth knowledge of the field and preparation for related careers.

Academic Advisor is more of a generalist who is familiar with major and university requirements, as well as student resources providing a broader overview of your undergraduate experience.  The SSC Advisor’s expertise is in how to successfully fulfill requirements, navigate through the process of getting an undergraduate degree, and the steps necessary to prepare you for a career and/ or graduate study. 

The College of Business Administration urges you to actively engage in your education by:

  • Choosing courses that are interesting and meaningful to you while meeting the requirements for your major/ or minor and graduation
  • Access to the College of Business Administration'€™s departments, programs, and faculty is available on the College'€™s Website.