The Student Basic Needs Committee collaborates on addressing issues that are barriers to student success both inside and outside the classroom, including food and housing insecurity. This committee will develop programs with key elements that ensure a significant, sustainable, and active program presence for students.


  • Develop long-term strategies to diminish displacement for food insecurity and include expanded outreach and enrollment of students for CalFresh, utilization of EBT on campus, food vouchers, and meal plan sharing.
  • Develop long-term strategies for increasing provisions in the campus Food Pantry.
  • Increase emergency housing options, both on and off campus housing (i.e. community agencies and Section 8 enrollment), to provide options for students who are displaced.
  • Identify and develop single points of contact (SPOC) to provide information on services that are both on campus and off campus.


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Updated: December 08, 2021