November 23, 2020

Stanislaus State Chapter of the California Faculty Association (CFA) donated $10,000 to the Campus Cares Student Emergency Fund in a recent crowdfunding campaign that raised a total of $26,850 — well over the campaign’s $25,000 goal. 

The CFA gift was the final of 63 donations made to the #StanUp for Emergency Funds campaign during a seven-week period, and the one that put the campaign over its goal. Earlier donations included a $5,000 contribution made by Stan State’s Associated Students, Inc. 

Started by the CFA chapter, the emergency fund has raised about $400,000 since its inception to assist Stan State students facing financial emergencies.  

The Stan State CFA chapter made the donation because faculty members are committed to helping students attain their goals even when their educational journey is threatened by financial hardship, according to Professor Dave Colnic, CFA chapter president and chair of Stan State’s Department of Political Science, Public Administration and Leadership Studies. 

“Many faculty members in our chapter know firsthand how difficult it is to balance school with other needs. CFA started the fund to help students stay at Stan State even in the face of financial adversity,” Colnic said. “It’s worked. The overwhelming majority of students who received one of these grants have either graduated or remain on track to graduate. 

Colnic noted that the COVID-19 pandemic has substantially increased student need, prompting the CFA chapter to respond. 

“We feel it’s vital we continue to support students and that led to this additional donation,” he said. 

Administered by the Basic Needs program, the Student Emergency Fund helps students overcome hardships if they have lost jobs, are facing unexpected medical expenses, need to find housing quickly or are dealing with other financial crises.