Temporary Housing Program

The temporary housing program provides displaced students, that are currently enrolled, access to temporary on-campus housing in Housing & Residential Life or off-campus alternatives on a case-by-case for those who are not able to relocate to housing on the Turlock Campus. 

As a student, you may find yourself unexpectedly experiencing housing insecurity if you lack safe, stable, regular, and adequate housing. You may be experiencing housing insecurity if you are living in shelters, parks, motels, or cars; or temporarily couch-surfing with other people because you have nowhere else to go. If you are living in any of these situations, or on the verge of experiencing housing insecurity, please contact the Director of Basic Needs, Heather Pearson Villeda.

During Business Hours

Zachary Gurr 
Basic Needs Lead 

Leticia Caballero
Basic Needs Lead 


Outside of Available Business Hours 

Outside of our available business hours, students - for either campus - are able to email Director Heather Pearson Villeda, who will be checking their email on a daily basis and will assist as needed. 

Heather Pearson Villeda
Director of Basic Needs 

Updated: June 07, 2024