Stanislaus State offers Preliminary Education Specialist Credentials for students with Mild/Moderate (M/M) and Moderate/Severe (M/S; (Extensive Support Needs) Disabilities. A M/M credential program prepares teacher candidates to support k-12 students who have: autism; specific learning disabilities; mild/moderate intellectual disabilities; other health impairments; and/or emotional disturbance. A M/S credential program prepares teacher candidates to support k-12 students who have autism; multiple disabilities; intellectual disabilities; emotional disturbance. Both credentials authorize a teacher candidate to support in grades K–12 and in classes organized primarily for adults through age 22.

There are a variety of options for paying for tuition. Please refer to enrollment services for current tuition amounts. Additionally, for help paying for college, please contact the Financial Aid office for more details at 209-667-3336.

No.  You can apply for admission in the same semester you enroll in the co-requisite courses: (a) EDSE 4310 and (b) CDEV 3140 or CDEV 3240. However, you must complete EDSE 4310 with a grade of “B” or better by the end of your first full semester in the program.

Yes.  The Education Specialist Credential is a K-12 Credential. You are authorized to teach students in the areas authorized on your credential.

No.  Interns are employed as teachers in collaborating school districts while completing the requirements for the Preliminary Education Specialist Credential. Consult the Program Coordinator for specific procedures and requirements for the University Internship Credential through Stanislaus State. ​

Yes, please contact the Teacher Recruitment and Retention Office (DBH 307) for information about test guidebooks, resources and upcoming workshops at | 209-667-3589 or visit CBEST/CSET/RICA Preparation Resources.

For program information, you may visit the Credential Information, Application and Forms webpage or contact Credential Services at | 209-667-3534 or the Education Specialist Program Coordinator, Dr. Karen Webster at | 209-667-3267.

Please contact the Office of Field Services at or 209-667-3045.

Updated: January 05, 2023