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Student Services Staff

Advising & Student Success

Current students should use Warrior Connect to schedule an appointment with their Student Success Team advisor or peer mentor.

Name / Title Contact Information Location / Office
Ashley Mansfield
Student Success Coordinator
(209) 513-9416
Stockton 1035
Alondra Hernandez
College Possible Success Coach
(209) 513-9437
Stockton 1011
Transfer Peer Mentors
IG @stantransfers

Stockton Food Pantry

Contact a coordinator or visit the Basic Needs website for all upcoming Stockton Food Pantry and information on the CalFresh program.

Name / Title Contact Information Location / Office
Zachary Gurr
Basic Needs Coordinator
(209) 667-3108
Turlock MSR 360
Available Remotely
Leticia Caballero
Stockton Food Pantry
(209) 513-9441, RM A1052

Career & Professional Development

Connect with the Career and Professional Development Center for help with your resume, interviewing, job search, and employer connections. We're here to support you in your college-to-career transition.

Name Contact Information Location / Office
Evelyn Ramos, Associate Director Career Coaching (209) 667-3661
Stockton 1040
Book Appointment
CareerReadyU IG @stanstate_cru Book Appointment

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Name / Title Contact Information Location / Office
Jaclyn Garcia
LMFT, Counselor
(209) 667-3381, RM A1044 

Disability Resource Services

Accommodation and DRS advising appointments are available for Stockton Campus students. Contact the Disability Resource Services office to book an appointment or learn more.

Name Contact Information Location / Office
Marvin Williams
(209) 667-3159
Turlock Library 152
Disability Resource Services (209) 667-3159
Turlock Library 150A
Specialized Testing Room
Stockton Campus
see above Acacia Court Bldg - Stockton
Contact DRS to Reserve


Enrollment Services Evaluators review student academic records to determine acceptance of academic credit and how it applies to Stanislaus State requirements. Evaluators also determine eligibility for admissions, degrees, and specialized program designation.

Name / Title Contact Information Location / Office
Manuel Beltran
Evaluator / Student Support Professional
(209) 667-3537
Stockton 1027
Book Appointment

Financial Aid & Scholarship Office

Name / Title Contact Information Location / Office
Landy Gonzalez-Hernandez
Interim Asst. Director, Financial Wellness
(209) 664-6587
Stockton 1027
Book Appointment
Financial Aid & Scholarship Office Yesenia Camacho, 513-9405, RM A1027 Turlock MSR 100
Book Appointment

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Major & Faculty Advisors

Business Administration

Additional assistance is available through the College of Business Administration's Student Success Center.

Business Administration Major Advising Sheets and Roadmaps

Name / Title Contact Information Location / Office
Paul Gardley, Jr, Academic Advisor
College of Business Administration
(209) 664-6947
Turlock DBH 217
Book Appointment
Dr. Jeong Kim, Faculty
Accounting Concentration
(209) 513-9407
Stockton 1048
Dr. Yili Lian, Faculty
Finance Concentration
(209) 513-9418
Stockton 1019A
Dr. Kim Tan, Chair
Accounting & Finance Department
(209) 667-3573
Turlock DBH 242
Dr. Christopher Bradshaw, Faculty
Management Concentration
(209) 513-9458
Stockton 1019E
Dr. Linda Dunn-Jensen, Faculty
Management Concentration
(209) 513-9438
Stockton 1019
Dr. Junhee Kim, Faculty
Marketing Concentration
(209) 513-9421
Stockton 1019B
Dr. Terence Pitre, Dean
Management, Operations, Marketing

(209) 667-3457

Turlock DBH 223A

Communication Studies

Name / Title Contact Information Location / Office
Dr. Vickie Harvey
(209) 667-3940
Stockton 1007
Book Appointment
Dr. Christopher Claus
Department Chair
(209) 667-3371
Turlock DBH 125
Book Appointment

Criminal Justice

Name / Title Contact Information Location / Office
Dr. Chau-Pu Chiang
(209) 513-9430
Stockton 1016
Dr. Sebastian Sclosky
(209) 513-9464
Stockton 1008
Dr. Phyllis Gerstenfeld
Department Chair
(209) 667-3229
Turlock B 125B

Gender Studies (Online Program)

Name / Title Contact Information Location / Office
Dr. Betsy Eudey
Program Director
(209) 664-6673
Turlock B 107B


Name / Title Contact Information Location / Office
Dr. Philip Garone
Department Chair
(209) 667-3319
Turlock C 118G

Liberal Studies

Contact the Liberal Studies department directly to schedule a major advising appointment.

Name / Title Contact Information Location / Office
Julie Magana
Academic Advisor
(209) 667-3230
Stockton 1026
Book Appointment
Dr. Cassandra Drake
(209) 667-3163
Stockton 1026
Book Appointment
Dr. Cathlin Davis
Department Chair
(209) 664-6683
Turlock DBH 339


Current Psychology students can view faculty office hours and schedule appointments at

Name / Title Contact Information Location / Office
Dr. Kelly Cotter
(209) 513-9432
Stockton 1017
Garrick Garcia
(209) 513-9451
Stockton 1023
Dr. William Potter
Department Chair
(209) 667-3518
Turlock B 231

Social Sciences

Name / Title Contact Information Location / Office
Dr. Matthew Derrick, Program Director
Interim Stockton Associate Dean
(209) 513-9428
Stockton A-1918

Turlock B-10

University Extended Education

Extended & International Education (EIE) offers a variety of degree completion programs at the Stockton Campus or fully online. Additional information and all EIE programs can be viewed at

Name / Title Contact Info Location / Office
Dr. Karen Ippolito, Program Director
Accelerated 2nd Bachelor of Science Nursing
(209) 513-9412
Stockton 1054A
Information Sessions
Dr. Sherry L. Roper, Program Director
Online RN-BSN
(209) 664-6526
Turlock Online
Information Session
Dr. Chau-Pu Chaing, Program Director
Accelerated Criminal Justice
(209) 513-9430
Stockton 1016
Information Sessions
Mechelle Perea-Ryan, Program Director
Health Science
(209) 513-9445
Stockton 1056
Information Sessions
Dr. Katie Olivant, Program Director
Leadership Studies (Online)
Email Only
Turlock/Stockton Online
Information Sessions
Dr. John Sumer, Program Director
Social Sciences
(209) 513-9415
Stockton 1015
Information Sessions

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Updated: July 12, 2023