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COVID-19 Update: Advising Remains Available.

Posted: March 18, 2020
Due to concerns related to COVID-19 many staff and faculty will operate remotely until further notice. Academic Advisors will be available online through Zoom video conferencing, email or by telephone. Links to schedule an appointment are available below. Questions? Call the Warrior Welcome Hub at (209) 513-9400. 

Please visit the campus COVID-19 webpage for the latest information on safety and campus operations.


Who do I Contact for help?

Stockton Campus Advising & Student Services Contacts

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Staff Advisors & Student Services Major & Faculty Advisors

Academic Advising / General Education 

Career Services

Disability Resources


Financial Aid



Business Administration

Communication Studies

Criminal Justice

Gender Studies


Liberal Studies




Staff Advisors & Student Services

Academic Advising 

Name/Email Title Phone Office Hours
Joy Vickers Email Advising & Outreach Coordinator (209) 513-9406 Schedule An Appointment
Ashley Mansfield Student Success Coordinator (209) 513-9416

Schedule AN Appointment

Career Services

During the fall/spring semester Career coaching & Workshops are available on Thursdays at the Stockton Campus.

Name/Email Title Phone Location/Office
Evelyn Ramos Employer Engagement Coor. (209) 667-3661 Stockton 1040

Disability Resource Services

Appointments at the Stockton campus are available by request. Call the Disability Resource Services office at (209) 667-3159 to schedule an appointment.

Name/Email Title Phone Location / Office
Marvin Williams Director (209) 667-3159 Turlock L 165


Schedule an appointment at the Stockton Campus main office or call (209) 513-9400. 

Name/Email Title Phone Location/Office
Manuel Beltran Evaluator (209) 667-3537 Stockton 1027

Financial Aid Advisor

Schedule an appointment at Stockton Campus main office or call (209) 513-9400.

Name/Email Title Phone Office Hours
Landy Gonzalez-Hernadez Financial Wellness Prog. Coordinator (209) 664-6587 Schedule an Appointment
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Faculty Advisors & Academic Programs

College of Business

Additional assistance is available through the College of Business Student Success Center at or via phone (209) 667-3786.


Name / Email Title Phone Location / Office
Paul Gardley Jr.  Academic Advisor TBD Stockton 1048E


Two-year roadmap for Accounting ConcentrationTwo-year roadmap for Finance Concentration

Name / Email Title Phone Location / Office
Dr. Jeong Kim Emai

Faculty Advisor (ACC)

(209) 513-9407

Stockton 1048

Dr. Yili Lian Faculty Advisor (FIN) (209) 513-9418 Stockton 1019A
Dr. Kim Tan Department Chair (209) 667-3573 Turlock DBH 242


Two-year roadmap for MGT-Human Resource ConcentrationTwo-year roadmap for General Business Concentration

Name / Email Title Phone Location / Office
Dr. Christopher Bradshaw Email Faculty Advisor (209) 513-9458 Stockton 1019E
Dr. Linda Faculty Advisor (209) 513-9438 Stockton 1019
Dr. James Strong Department Chair (209) 667-3457 Turlock DBH 223A

Communication Studies 

Name / Email Title Phone Location / Office
Dr. Vickie Harvey Faculty  (209) 667-3940 Stockton 1007
Dr. Christopher Department Chair (209) 667-3371 Turlock DBH 125

Criminal Justice

Name / Email Title Phone Location / Office
Dr. Chau-Pu Chiang Department Chair (209) 667-3665 Stockton 1016
Dr. Sebastian Faculty (209) 513-9464 Stockton 1008

Gender Studies (Online Program)

Name / Email Title Phone Location / Office
Dr. Betsy Eudey   Program Director (209) 664-6673 Turlock B 107B


Name / Email Title Phone Location / Office
Dr. Philip Garone  Department Chair (209) 667-3319 Turlock C 118G

Liberal Studies

Contact department directly to schedule an appointment or visit 

Name / Email Title Phone Location / Office Hours
Julie Magana Advisor (209) 667-3230 Schedule An Appointment
Dr. Daniel Soodjinda Faculty (209) 667-6607 Stockton 1026
Dr. Cathlin Davis Department Chair (209) 664-6683 Turlock DBH 300


Name / Email Title Phone Office Hours
Dr. Kelly Cotter Faculty (209) 513-9432 Schedule An Appointment
Garrick Faculty (209) 513-9431 Schedule An Appointment
Dr. William Department Chair (209) 667-3518 Schedule An Appointment


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