Stockton Campus

The University Student Center Stockton Campus team focuses on providing high quality facilities and services that benefit and contribute to student life of Stockton Campus students. The University Student Center spaces were designed to provide a fulfilling experience and the resources necessary to allow for student success. The spaces were designed to ignite campus pride and improve student life.

It is our goal that the Student Center spaces create a place where students can be collaborative, creative, and comfortable.

Currently the University Student Center is working on renovating spaces located in the Stockton Campus that include various different type of seating, study space, services, and programs that can be enjoyed by Stockton Campus students.

Stockton Campus Spaces

Warrior Lounge AWarrior Lounge A

Warrior Lounge A was renovated to provide various up-to-date types of seating such as built-in seating, tables, chairs, & laptop bar area. A microwave, sink, and refrigerator will also be available for student use.

Warrior Lounge BWarrior Lounge B

Warrior Lounge B will be equipped with tables, chairs, and other variations of seating for students to utilize in many ways for lounging and collaborating. It can be utilized as a second student lounge but can be converted to an event space for programming events provided by ASI & SC.

Warrior Activities CenterWarrior Activities Center

The ASI & SC Warrior Activities Center (WAC) serves as the location where programs and services are created and planned. The WAC provides services to meet the needs of our Stockton campus students. Students can purchase prints, copies, scans, bus passes, and movie tickets. Laptop rentals are also available in the WAC. The WAC is where students can go to pay for ASI special events tickets and SC weekend warrior trips.

Campus Pride CourtyardCampus Pride Courtyard

The Campus Pride Courtyard will have updated seating to match the Warrior Grill patio located at the Turlock campus where students will be able to study and socialize. The mural was created to bring a sense of campus pride to the Stockton Campus and create an additional connection between both the Turlock and Stockton campuses.


Contact Info

For more information or questions please contact Jennifer Galeana-Vasquez – Interim SC Programs and Services Coordinator – Stockton Campus, at 209-513-9431 or email at