About the SC

The University Student Center is located in the center of campus and serves as the hub of Student Life. While the Student Center as a facility provides a safe space for students to engage, empower, and transform our student body, the Student Center is much more than just a building. The University Student Center is a student-run organization that provides students with co-curricular events and activities through the SC Board of Directors, Programming events, the Weekend Warrior Program, and provides community service opportunities through the Warriors Giving Back program. The SC Service Desk provides services for students by providing a Laptop Rental Program, Print-N-Go services, and discounted tickets and bus passes. We encourage all students to visit the Student Center and take part in our various programs and services!

Functional Merge

Associated Students, Inc. and the University Student Center are two different organizations but are functionally merged.

What this means is they have different missions (why they exist) and visions (different goals they work towards) but they share the same values (ethics, student life, etc.). Because of their shared values, ASI & SC decided to functionally merge. Each organization has their own budget and goals, but are ran by the same Executive Director which allows both organizations to collaborate creatively. The ASI & SC Executive Director has both organizations’ priorities and interests in mind and continuously works to identify ways where they can work together to benefit students.



  • We strive to instill a sense of Warrior pride.
  • We inspire Warrior pride leading by example.


  • We collaborate with students, student organizations, campus departments, alumni and the community to provide student focused programs, events, and services.
  • By encouraging collaboration among all members of our campus and the community, we utilize diverse talents, resources and perspectives, internally and externally, to produce the best possible outcomes.


  • We believe in personal responsibility, honesty, integrity and ethical behavior.
  • We honor our commitments and act with fairness, honesty, and respect daily.


  • We provide programs and services that encourage involvement in meaningful experiences and relationships outside of the academic environment.
  • We develop relationships that make a positive impact in our students’ lives.


  • We offer a wide variety of events and services to meet the needs of our diverse student population.
  • We promote equity and strive to increase diversity, inclusion, and cultural competency in all aspects of our organization.


  • We are purposeful in offering high quality programs and services to enhance student life and student success.
  • We are thoughtful in providing excellent customer service that encompasses the following attributes: courtesy, empathy, professionalism, accountability and efficiency.


  • We strive to cultivate the healthy physical, social and emotional well-being of all students.
  • We provide a safe space where students from every background and situation can have the opportunity to succeed.


  • We are committed to conscientiously managing our human, natural, and material resources wisely by reviewing our facilities, programs and services to ensure we are following the appropriate sustainable practices.
  • We aspire to increase awareness about sustainable practices that will reduce negative impacts on the environment.