Programs with Youth Directed by Third Party

As a condition of hosting a program with YOUTH at the Stanislaus State campus facility, the following requirements shall be met by the LESSEE to insure compliance for safety and risk reduction:

  1. Conduct early registration, fee collection and on-site registration to include the collection of fees, the collection of medical release forms, the distribution of appropriate, California State University, Stanislaus materials, if applicable.
  2.  Provide at least one administrative Program Director (non-University staff contact person) with responsibility for satisfactory operation of the program, including:
    • maintaining discipline among the participants and compliance with University rules, including overseeing the care of University property, if applicable;
    • arranging for medical treatment in all cases of illness and injury occurring during the program, including transportation to and from the medical facility, and seeing that appropriate insurance forms and information are provided;
    • maintaining regular and open communication with the University personnel to avoid problems;
    • being on-call while the program is in session on University property.
    • Maintaining appropriate adult-to-YOUTH ratios and proper management of high-risk times and high-risk activities.
  3. Provide electronic copies of completed Release of Liability documents to the University Safety & Risk Management staff (may be delivered as a single PDF electronic file with multi-pages).  Releases should be the standard template provided by the Responsible Campus Office of the University - Safety & Risk Management.
  4. Provide a list (roster) of all program staff and participants to the Responsible Campus Office of the University staff prior to the start of program activities. The list should include all names, addresses, phone numbers and emergency contact information for staff and participants (may be delivered as a single PDF electronic file with multi-pages).
  5. Certify that any of the LESSEE employees, independent contractors, volunteers, or agents who will be performing services in-person with YOUTH on behalf of the LESSEE, will have successfully completed a background check in accordance with University Policy on YOUTH. This includes the completion of background checks that meet or exceed the standards of the DOJ Live Scan system for background checks. The LESSEE has a financial obligation to pay for all background checks of its employees, independent contractors or agents. Should the LESSEE utilize background checks from a source other than the DOJ Live Scan system, LESSEE is required to submit evidence of the completed background checks to the Responsible Campus Office of the University.
  6. Conduct appropriate training on protecting participants from abusive emotional and physical treatment, and on appropriate or required reporting of incidents of improper conduct to the proper authorities including, but not limited to, appropriate law enforcement authorities.  Individuals responsible for YOUTH will comply with California Mandated Reporting law as applicable and outlined in California Penal Code 11164-11174.3.
  7. LESSEE confirms that all incidents or allegations of abuse or sexual misconduct (involving adults or YOUTH) will be reported back to the CSU and/or Auxiliary Organization.
  8. For each participant in attendance: ensure the participant is accompanied by a parent/guardian or authorized adult who will be responsible for the conduct and safety of the participant while in attendance OR assign an authorized adult who will assume that responsibility for each unaccompanied participant.
  9. LESSEE must meet the insurance requirements mandated by the University. Insurance requirements may be found here.
  10. LESSEE agrees to name The State of California, the Trustees of The California State University, California State University, Stanislaus and their auxiliaries, employees, officers, directors, volunteers and agents as additional insured on both the Commercial General Liability and Abuse and Molestation Insurance policies.

Updated: December 08, 2023