Halloween Decoration Safety


If you plan to decorate campus spaces for Halloween, please comply with the following safety regulations.

no open flames

Don't use open flames, lighted candles, spark producing devices of any type, or fog machines. These are strictly prohibited.

ul safety

Use only electric or battery powered lights that are UL safety certified with timers to turn off the lights when no one will be in attendance.

fire alarm

Make sure that decorations do not block any fire extinguishers, exit signs, pull stations, lights, light switches, walkways, corridors, and hallways.

tripping hazard

Assure there are no tripping hazards, such as cords or other decor. Cords may not be covered with rugs.

emergency exit

Don't cover or obstruct emergency exit signage; decorations may not obstruct the view of an exit sign from any viewpoint in the space.

sprinkler head

Don't hang decorations from sprinkler heads, or within 18 inches of the ceiling to allow fire sprinklers to operate as designed.

unobstructed exit

Keep all doors/doorways clear, within at least 48 inches, for unobstructed exit requirements.

no naturally flammable decor

Don't use naturally flammable items in offices. This includes bales of straw/hay, dry corn plants, and the like.

no extension cords

Don't use extension cords.