Workgroup Members

In 2013, individuals were appointed to the Business Continuity workgroup to be the department coordinators.  The Business Continuity Planning workgroup meets on the 2nd Monday of every month to discuss past, present, and future issues that relates to Business Continuity.

Working alongside the Business Continuity Coordinator, the workgroup:

  • Establishes goals and objective for the campus business continuity program;
  • Provides recommendations for enhancing the campus business continuity program and process, and;
  • Reviews the developed business continuity plans per their individual VP area.

The current department coordinators, as of 09/16/13, are listed as follows:

Academic Affairs:

Marjorie Jaasma
Phone: 209.667.3023

Randi Esau
Phone: 209.664.6638

Business and Finance:

Frank Borrelli
Phone: 209.667.3986

Enrollment and Student Affairs:

Jacquelyn Forte
Phone: 209.667.3050



Faculty Affairs and Human Resources:

Kelly Mode
Phone: 209.667.3353

Safety and Risk Management:

Amy Thomas
Phone: 209.667.3035

University Advancement:

Tim Lynch
Phone: 209.667.3610