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Classroom Information from Learning Services

Here you will find info about technology installed on Stan State campuses by Learning Services.

Sharelink Pro is a powerful technology to connect wirelessly to audio video systems on campus.

Services Available

  • Delivery of audio-video equipment to instructional classrooms
  • Over-the-counter equipment checkout for instructional use
  • Installation and maintenance of equipment in instructional classrooms

Contact the OIT Technology Support for additional assistance and training on the equipment in classrooms.

Our most flexible technology for remote or in-person attendance by students and instructors. Fully upgraded with Local and Zoom Room Options, instructor’s PC, projector, document camera, DVDs, HDMI and VGA laptop connectors, wireless screen share, and multiple cameras for capturing the instructor and students. Previously, student assistants were required to be present in the classroom to control the camera and audio for remote participants. OIT no longer provides student assistants for these rooms. Classroom training is available by submitting a ticket to the Technology Support Desk.

While regular Zoom Room technology supports in-person and remote student attendance, the six Premium Classrooms provide camera views of the instructor with their presentation, and the students present in the room. This combination of front and rear-facing cameras offers the most flexibility for any mix of in-person or remote student attendance AND the instructor’s presence in person or remotely.

It is not necessary to schedule a linked Premium classroom on the other campus, unless the instructor is traveling between campuses for sessions, or wants students on the other campus to work together in person. 

Turlock Campus: DBH 146, DBH 164, DBH 165

Stockton Campus: STKN 1070, STKN 1122, STKN 1130

Upgraded with Local and Zoom Room options, instructor’s PC, and Planar monitor for lecture recording. These rooms include Magnetic Projection Boards, projector, document camera, DVD player, HDMI cable with AV adapter ring, wireless screen share, and may be set up for automated lecture capture to Panopto. Faculty will need to bring a VGA connector if needed for their laptop.

Turlock Campus: A 40, B 102, B 111, B 115, B 117, B 131, B 201, B 203, B 204, B 208, B 210, B 212, B 214, B 233, B 234, B 235, B 245, D 027, D 028, E 023, E 024, FX 106, FX 110, N 101, N 104, N 322, N 334, S 104, S 135, S 205, S 207

Stockton Campus: STKN 1116, STKN 1061/62

Phase II classroom pre-staging was completed on Friday, August 19. New furniture and partial equipment are installed but not connected. These rooms will not have an instructor PC, and the instructor will need to bring their own laptop. The rooms are functional with a projector, Magnetic Projection Boards, a document camera, and connections for laptops using HDMI. The rooms will not have VGA connectors or a DVD player. Phase II Upgrade classrooms are pre-staged for upgrades in the winter term and spring semester.

Turlock Campus: B 108, B 113, B 136, B 102, CX 101, CX 102, DBH 100, DBH 101, DBH 104, N 111, N 112, N 121, N 129, N 130, N 206, N 223, N 301, N 309, N 312, S 221, S 222, S 228

Stockton Campus: STKN A1014 (IN PROGRESS)

Phase III classrooms were completed in Summer 2023 and have all the features of our New Standard Classrooms. This project upgraded our Legacy classrooms to offer a reliable and flexible set of technology tools for instructors.

Turlock Campus: B 103, B 104, B 106, B 114, B 122, B131A, B 133, B 202, B 205, B 238, DBH 102, DBH 103, DBH 106, DBH 107, DBH 113, DBH 114, DBH 120,  M 004, M 022, M 039, N 201, N 210, N 211, N 221, N 224, N 229, N 321, N 331 

Stockton Campus: STKN A1003, STKN A1013, STKN A1064

Classroom training is available by submitting a ticket to the Technology Support Desk.

The Phase I Retrofit project completes the upgrade to our New Standard Classroom model. This change streamlines the use of Zoom with the room PC or the instructor's Laptop. The Zoom Room feature is now separate and only used when the instructor wants to record lectures with no other use of technology, or when linking rooms across both campuses.

Turlock Campus: A 40, B 111, B 115, B 117, B 131, B 201, B 203, B 204, B 208, B 210, B 212, B 214, B 233, B 234, B 235, B 245, D 027, D 028, E 023, E 024, FX 106, FX 110, N 101, N 104, N 322, N 334, S 104, S 135

Stockton Campus: STKN 1061/62

Updated: January 23, 2024