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OIT has produced a number of training videos to assist with technology through e-learning.  Click below to find your topic or read some tips we have accrued.

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In support of the move to online courses and Work-From-Home, OIT hosted several Training Sessions on various technology tools through Zoom Web Conferencing. Signing in to your Stan State account may be required.

Recorded Training Information

First Week of Training Sessions Presenter Link
Zoom  Julian  Watch
Multi-Factor Authentication/VPN  John Watch
Microsoft Teams  Jeffrey Watch
Microsoft Outlook - Web Usage  Julian Watch
Microsoft OneDrive - Web Usage  Jeffrey Watch
SnagIt  Julian Watch
Second Week of Training Sessions Presenter Link
Zoom  Julian Watch
Multi-Factor Authentication / VPN  John Watch
Microsoft Outlook - Web Usage  Julian Watch
Microsoft Teams  Jeffrey Watch
SnagIt  Julian Watch
Microsoft OneDrive  Jeffrey Watch
Third Week of Training Sessions Presenter Link

Information Security Training 

Nathan Watch

Microsoft Office Teams - The Basics 

Julian Watch

Microsoft Office Teams - For the Everyday Projects & Advanced Skills 

Jeffrey Watch
Fourth Week of Training Sessions Presenter Link

Microsoft Office Tools - Bookings, Stream, Planner & More 

Jeffrey Watch

Using Microsoft Office with Chromebooks 

Julian Watch

Information Security - MFA/VPN 

John Watch

A valid University e-mail address and password are required to connect to the secure eduroam network. Guest access is also available on the csus-guest network.

Secure Access to eduroam Network

Please select the operating system for the device you would like to connect:

Guest Access Information

If you are a guest visiting Stan State and not a student, faculty, or staff member, please look for the "csus-guest" SSID on your device. When your device attempts to connect to it, a wizard will walk you through the steps to configure your device.

Note: The Guest network is Internet access only and is more constrained than the secure wireless network. Faculty, staff, and students are required to use the secure wireless network for access to all campus resources.

Turn Off Teams Meetings by Default in MS Outlook

Avoid accidental log-ins to Teams meetings when hosting a Zoom session.

Turn Off Teams Meeting by Default in MS Outlook (PDF)

A common issue with scheduling events in Outlook Calendar is that a Teams online meeting is created by default. You can change this setting to create a Zoom link by default or turn off any online meeting by default. You can then choose whether to add an online meeting, and if so, choose Zoom or Teams.

To turn off the default online meeting option:

  1. Go to the “Settings” icon in Outlook Calendar [Settings icon - gear wheel]
  2. Select “Events and invitations”
  3. Under “Events you create”, uncheck the box next to “Add online meeting to all meetings”
  4. OR change the default online meeting to “Zoom”
  5. Click the “Save” button to confirm your choice

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Updated: March 03, 2023