Ghiglieri Piano Competition

The School of the Arts & Department of Music presents

The Nineteenth Annual

Sylvia M. Ghiglieri

Saturday, February 27, 2016

for pianists ages 18 and under

The Sylvia M. Ghiglieri Piano Competition intends to recognize and promote the musical achievements and development of promising young pianists.  Winners will be chosen based on performances held at California State University, Stanislaus, in Turlock, CA, USA on Saturday, February 27, 2016.  The events of the competition will take place in the Music Building, located on the west side of the University campus at One University Circle.  

Awards include the consideration of up to $2,500 as a college scholarship prize to the First Prize Winner of the Senior Division, along with nearly $1,000 total scholarship awards for competition winners to attend the Stanislaus State Summer Music Camp (see  The Summer Music Camp features distinct artistic instruction in solo piano and chamber music performance for pre-college pianists who will be taught by faculty and associates of the Stanislaus State Department of Music.  The Summer Music Camp also offers instruction in choir, band, orchestra, and a variety of elective music classes.

2016 Competition Schedule Announcement

2016 Ghiglieri Competition Program

2016 Competition Winners


1st Prize - Vincent Liu

2nd Prize - Ethan Kau

Honorable Mention - Neve Foresti

Honorable Mention - Uttam Kalluri


1st Prize - Parker Van Ostrand

2nd Prize - April Chen

3rd Prize - Ophir Horovitz

Honorable Mention - Azumi Akase

Honorable Mention - Devin Chang

Awards - All Divisions

All Award Winners - All award winners are given the opportunity to perform in the end-of-competition Winners Recital in Snider Recital Hall. 

Awards - Senior Division

First Prize Winner -  automatic consideration for a college scholarship award of up to $2500 if a senior in high school (scholarship received upon actual enrollment at Stanislaus State), plus $250 Summer Music Camp Scholarship.

Second Prize Winner - $200 Summer Music Camp Scholarship

Third Prize Winner - $150 Summer Music Camp Scholarship

Awards - Junior Division

First Prize Winner -  $175 Summer Music Camp Scholarship

Second Prize Winner - $100 Summer Music Camp Scholarship

Third Prize Winner - $75 Summer Music Camp Scholarship


Competition Rules

1. Participants shall enter the appropriate division based upon their age as of February 27, 2016:

  • Junior Division:  ages 12-15
  • Senior Division:  ages 16-18
  • Previous First Prize Winners are not eligible to enter the same division in subsequent years.

2. Competition Repertoire and Guidelines

  • Junior Division
    Two pieces from contrasting style periods (eras). Time limit:  10 minutes.
  • Senior Division:
    Two pieces from contrasting style periods (eras). Time limit:  15 minutes.

All pieces must be performed from memory. Competitors should provide original scores for the adjudicators at the time of their performance (no photocopies allowed).  

Examples of repertoire from contrasting style periods (eras):  

  • Baroque Era:  A movement of a French suite, English suite, or Partita by Bach. An invention, sinfonia, prelude and/or fugue from Bach’s Well-tempered Clavier.  A sonata by Scarlatti.
  • Classical Era:  A movement from a sonata by Haydn, Mozart, or Beethoven.
  • Romantic EraAn impromptu, nocturne, intermezzo, prelude, mazurka, etude, polonaise, scherzo, ballade, sonata movement, or other work by Schubert, Mendelssohn, Schumann, Chopin, Brahms, Liszt, Rachmaninoff, Grieg.
  • Contemporary EraA movement or work by Debussy, Ravel, Bartok, Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Kabalevsky, Poulenc, Schoenberg, Gershwin.

3. Participants must submit the following application materials by Monday, February 15, 2016:

A. Required Email Notification of Intent to Compete
Please send an email to with the following information:

  • Email subject heading:  "Ghiglieri 2015 Application:  (Name of Competitor / Division Category)

Body of email to include:

  • Competitor's name
  • Competitor's age and competition
  • Competitor's/ parents' /teachers' contact information (name, phone, email).
  • Date the paper application materials were mailed.

B.  Required Mail-In Application Forms

Send all application materials to:
California State University, Stanislaus, Cashier’s Office 
Ghiglieri Piano Competition
One University Circle
Turlock, CA 95382

4. Awards Details

All winners will receive scholarship awards along with automatic consideration for the Stanislaus State Summer Music Camp in the year they win.  Depending on grade and/or age by the time of Summer Music Camp, winners will be eligible for either the Junior Piano Camp (grades 6-8) or the Senior Piano Camp (grades 9-12).  Scholarships will be applied upon actual enrollment at the Camp.  Note: Winners must declare their intent by registering for Camp no later than May 1, the deadline for which a guaranteed reservation for Camp enrollment will be held.  Registration for Summer Music Camp and detailed information may be accessed at

Should the First Prize Winner of the Senior Division be a senior in high school, he or she will additionally be automatically considered for a college scholarship award of up to $2,500 to attend Stanislaus State as a piano performance major.  The college scholarship is awarded at time of actual University enrollment.  Should the First Prize Winner of the Senior Division choose not to accept a scholarship award offer, the adjudicators reserve the right to offer such to a qualifying Second or Third Prize Winner.

Adjudicators may elect not to award a prize in any given category should there be no qualified competitor to receive it.  All decisions made by the adjudicators shall be final.  

5. Competition Location 

The competition is held at California State University, Stanislaus, One University Circle, Turlock, CA 95382, USA.  Competition events will be held in the Music Building (M-6 on campus map) and the Winner’s Recital in the Bernell and Flora Snider Recital Hall (M-6A), both located on the northwestern side of the Stanislaus State University campus.  Parking Lot 3 will provide the easiest access to this area. 

Please consult campus map at

6. Additional Information

Additional questions may be directed to Dr. Sarah Chan, Director of the Sylvia M. Ghiglieri Piano Competition, at (209) 667-3429 or



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