Retention Criteria

Students in the Honors program are expected to complete their coursework on schedule. Four-year admits must complete all required courses during the first and third years of the program. Some or all of the required coursework in the second and fourth years of the program may be deferred to allow a fifth year of study for students who have declared a high-unit major (95+ units of prerequisites, coursework in the major and general education requirements). Junior admits to the program must complete the required courses in the third-year curriculum on schedule (including HONS 3000 and HONS 3500), but may defer some or all of their required fourth-year coursework to a fifth year if they have declared a high-unit major.

Retention in the program will be automatic for students who meet the following two criteria: 3.0 GPA in Honors courses and an overall GPA in the top 40% of students in their major.

Selected students will participate in an end-of-year consultation and portfolio review with their Honors advisor or the director of the program (or designee). Students in the program will be encouraged to write an end-of-the-year reflective essay for their portfolio. This essay will be a central focus of the consultation/review.

Students who fall short of our GPA standard for automatic retention, or who fail to complete their Honors courses in a timely manner (as defined above), will be retained only on a probationary basis. In such cases, the student must agree to meet all applicable criteria by the end of the following academic year as a condition for continued enrollment in the program. While each case will be reviewed on its own merits, we would generally expect a student to meet these criteria by the end of the following year to remain in the program.