Program Strengths

Academic learning communities as a context for personal growth and development, including linked and clustered courses, interrelated program goals, and assessable learning objectives requiring increasingly integrated skills.

Close faculty/student mentoring relations emphasizing faculty guidance of student research.

Peer mentoring across all four years of the program.

Service learning as a way to expand the applied scope of theory and research and to develop greater civic attunement.

Integrated First-Year Experience: careful instruction in the subtleties of college-level reading and writing; a communication course to develop your discussion skills; and a Critical Thinking seminar in which all the previous skills are brought into play and integrated with thoughtful analysis of socially significant issues, culminating in a capstone critical thinking project.

A Senior capstone effort to demonstrate effective, thoughtful communication of original and compelling research, scholarship or creative activity reflecting a facility for interdisciplinary analysis, and the application of methodologies that cut across or link together two or more disciplines.