Program Assessment

There will be considerable student assessment throughout this program. In addition to year-end reviews, there will be pre- and post-testing throughout the First Year Experience curriculum, assessments of course assignments requiring the application of skills and aptitudes developed in prior coursework, and cumulative assessments of a senior capstone thesis or research project.

The Honors program will be assessed using the following measures:

  • Pre- and post-testing in the First Year Experience curriculum.
  • Statistical assessments of the incoming levels of students attracted to the program over time, and of their relative success in comparison to non-Honors students reflecting similar incoming levels of achievement or promise.
  • Placement surveys reflecting degrees of success when Honors students apply to graduate programs, seek out interesting or challenging lines of work, or achieve a personal challenge related to their coursework in the program.
  • Annual student satisfaction surveys, including an end-of-program exit survey, and annual surveys of faculty who teach or mentor students in the program (including faculty who teach Honors students outside the Honors curriculum).
  • Demonstrations of student achievement (including quality of senior capstone project and conference presentation).
  • Measures of student diversity and social-economic level to monitor for significant disparities relative to the student population as a whole, consistent with the stated mission of the university.

The Director will continue working with faculty teaching in the Honors program to develop and refine an academic assessment plan for the program.