Before deciding to enroll, parents are advised to preview the terms and conditions, ask questions as needed, and discuss the issues with family members. Please contact us if you have questions.

Online Approval of a Five-Part Agreement

​During enrollment, parents must indicate their agreement to terms and conditions that are defined in an online agreement form. The agreement includes five separate topics:

  • Internet Use Agreement
  • Google Apps Agreement
  • Publication Agreement
  • Medical Treatment Form
  • "Hold Harmless" Waiver​​

Contracts like these can be difficult to read online, so for those who prefer to read on paper, we have made the forms available in a printer-friendly packet.

Download the forms in a multi-page packet

Kid with paint on their hand

Sign One Printed Form: Release of Liability

Kid looking through microscope

Wet-ink signature required!

To verify that those who enroll have read and understood our terms and conditions, we collect one "wet-ink" signature from the parent or guardian for each child enrolled. This "Release of Liability" form may be completed during check-in on opening day, but you might prefer to read and sign it in advance.

Preview, download, or print the Release of Liability Form (pdf)

Why do we require five types of agreements?


Student and teacher looking at a computer

​Internet Use Agreement

In order to participate in this program, students are required to use computers, and they will access the internet daily as part of class instruction. Please preview our rules and policies, and make sure that you and your child agree before you decide to enroll.

Preview/download the Internet Use Agreement (pdf)


Student and teacher working on a computer

Authorization to use Google Apps for Education

Teachers and students at Great Valley Writing Camp often utilize online software provided by Google, so during registration, we require that parents authorize the use of Google Apps for Education. The authorization form describes the Google tools and outlines student responsibilities for using these services.


Two students reading out loud

​Publication Agreement

When students share projects with real audiences, they are inspired to review, revise, and refine their writing; thus, we publish student work quickly and often. We also publish classroom photos and videos. Please read through our publication policies, and make sure that you agree with, and accept all of the terms and conditions contained in this agreement before you enroll your child in the Great Valley Writing Camps.

Preview/download the Publication Agreement (pdf)


Student writing in a notebook

Authorization for Medical Treatment

Your child's health and safety is very important to us. Please read this medical release form, and be prepared to click the "I agree" checkbox during online enrollment. This agreement will authorize GVWP teachers to act as your representative in giving consent for first aid and/or emergency medical services.

Preview/download the Medical Authorization Form (pdf)


Students looking at a computer screen

​Indemnification and "Hold Harmless" Form

Many public and private educational groups share their resources to make these programs possible, and many teachers volunteer their time to contribute to student learning. Because we cannot guarantee against possible illnesses, injuries, and/or damage to property during the writing camps, we require that you acknowledge and accept these inherent risks. Please read the form, and be prepared to click the "I agree" checkbox, waiving your right to sue the program sponsors and/or the writing camp staff.

Preview/download the "Liability & Risk" Agreement (pdf)

Updated: May 12, 2023