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Educator Summit 2015 -- Brandy DeAlba's EdTalk

At the inaugural statewide Educator Summit last July, TC Brandy DeAlba delivered a passionate speech to 200 teachers urging us to build relationships with our students and their families. 

Interested in expanding your leadership? Want to find out more about facilitating an event? Click on the links below to read more information.

Great Books to Learn about Reading and Writing

Teacher Consultant Kathy Harvey recommends these books about writing: Book Recommendations.pdf

Family Literacy Night

Download: Family Literacy Night.pdf

How to Organize and Facilitate a Book Study

Download: What is a Book Study Group.pdf

Student Release Form

TCs using student samples in their demonstrations need to have parent authorization. Please download the student release form.pdf (Spanish version.pdf), have the parent complete and keep on file.

Greatness by Design

A State of California Report, Greatness by Design, outlines how a strong, comprehensive system supports educator excellence focused on student success 

Download: Greatness by Design: Supporting Outstanding Teaching to Sustain a Golden State.pdf

Writing Now: A Policy Research Brief produced by NCTE

This publication of the James R. Squire Office of Policy Research offers updates on research with implications for policy decisions that affect teaching and learning.
Download: Research Brief.pdf

Join our online community for teachers of ELLs

If you have English language learners in your class, you are a teacher of ELLs. GVWP has created an online community for writing project TCs who teach ELLs, called Know ELLs. On the site, you'll find an active community of TCs from all over the US sharing resources, stories, research, and more.

Great Valley Writing Project builds young writers’ confidence--August 5, 2015

TURLOCK — In the heat of the summer, many kids spend their days swimming or attending a sports camp, but for the Romero sisters, there’s no place they’d rather be than Stanislaus State sharpening their writing skills.

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