Registration Help

student and teacherNeed Help with Online Enrollment?

If you have any questions or difficulties during online registration, please call the GVWP office at 667-3490. We'll be happy to talk you through the enrollment process. (Our ticket prices are less expensive when purchased online.)

Select a location and register online

Option to Register by US Mail

If you prefer to complete the registration process on paper, you may enroll by mail. Just print the pages, sign the required permission forms, enclose a check, and mail the packet through the U.S. Postal Service.

Download a printer-friendly registration packet

Please note that registration by mail is a bit more expensive. To cover clerical costs, the prices in our paper registration packets include a $15 processing fee.

students​Fees for Paper Registration

Postmarked in March = $165
Postmarked in April = $175
Postmarked in May = $185
​Postmarked in June = $190


Paper registration forms must be mailed at least one week prior to the opening date of the workshop, and acceptance is dependent on available space.