Graduate Profiles 2022

Every year, a group of graduates are nominated by faculty and staff to be honored as StanGrads and have the opportunity to tell the stories of their educational journeys.

StanGrad Alliyah Johnson

Alliyah Johnson
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

StanGrad Krishan Malhotra

Krishan Malhotra
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

StanGrad Britney Hayes

Britney Hayes
Master of Social Work

Elissa La Comb

Elissa La Comb
Bachelor of Science in Geography,
Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice

stan grad

Caitlin Schwartz
Bachelor of Science, biological sciences

StanGrad Carol Barr

Carol Barr
Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts

StanGrad Vivian Aguilar

Vivian Aguilar
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

StanGrad Victoria Aguilar

Victoria Aguilar
Bachelor of Arts in English,
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

StanGrad Solange Del Castillo

Solange Del Castillo
Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies

StanGrad Jose Navarro

Jose Navarro
Master of Arts in Education, Counselor Education and Pupil Personnel Services Credential

StanGrad Jasmin Rodriguez

Jasmin Rodriguez
Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

StanGrad Sierrah Leal

Sierrah Leal
Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice


Vanessa Padilla

Vanessa Padilla
Bachelor of Science in Geography



Updated: May 25, 2022