Graduating Students

Congratulations! Graduating with your Undergraduate or Graduate degree is no small feat. 

Just as this is a time of celebration of joy, many experience concern or worry if they are not yet sure about what they will do next. Obtaining a full-time professional job is a common goal for many of our graduates, as is graduate school or taking some time off to explore. 

Whatever you choose to do next, know that there is no right or wrong. What matters is that you do what is best for you and helps you meet your needs and expectations. 

Whether your next step is graduate school, part-time or full-time employment, or something else, know that we are here to support you in your transition. 

Check out the resources below for more info and insights! 

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Career Advice from Some of the Biggest Names in Business 


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Career Coaching

Meet with us to review your resume, identify jobs of interest, and practice interviewing. Let us help you explore the career process with confidence.

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Resumes & More

Starting a new resume or updating one you have not changed in years can take some time. Review these resources to get started and connect with us for further assistance. 

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View Upcoming Events

Join our workshops and panels to learn all about career related topics! 

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Practice for an Interview

Interviewing can be intimidating but practice makes progress! Utilize our resources to build confidence with this skill. 

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Explore Majors and Careers

Check out these resources to identify potential career paths and job options. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I utilize the Career and Professional Development Center after graduation?