About Us


Our mission is to provide assistance which empowers students to take personal responsibility in the process of identifying, developing, implementing, and evaluating career plans in preparation for employment after graduation. We develop relationships with a diverse group of organizations to obtain occupational information and opportunities for students that will guide their career development process.

Career Services also serves as a resource for employers seeking to recruit well-educated graduates to fill the Central Valley region's employment needs.

Learning Outcomes

Career services support co-curricular educational growth. Services and programs are designed to promote outcomes through identified resources and purposeful guidance.

  • Students will learn how to develop a career plan and occupational options through the use of individual career advising, attendance of one or more workshops on career topics, and completion of a resume appropriate for seeking employment.
  • Students will learn to seek appropriate resources through exploration of the web resources for collecting data and identifying options as well as review of periodicals, books, videos, and occupational materials in the career library.
  • Students will develop practical competence through identification of internship opportunities and obtaining experience relating to their degree by serving an internship.
  • Students will learn career development skills through utilizing online self-assessment tools to examine interests, values, and their unique career and life goals.

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