Stockton Campus

Our Stockton Campus Programming team focuses on providing high-quality programs and events that benefit and contribute to the student life of Stockton Campus students.  

The ASI Stockton Campus Programming department consists of two student assistant coordinators that take the lead on different programs funded by ASI, a team of 3 Code Red Entertainment (CRE) programming members, and a professional staff member.

Being virtual does not mean student life ends here!

Associated Students, Inc. is committed to providing events and programs, even now that we are in a virtual setting. We have hosted everything from Magic Master Classes to Digital Speed Sketched Caricatures for students to enjoy.

Get details and how to participate in upcoming events through the Virtual Events page:

Check out the Virtual Events

code red entertainmentCode Red Entertainment

Code Red Entertainment is a programming group composed of innovative thinkers and enthusiastic planners that focus on event programming for students.

Stockton Warrior MerchandiseStockton Warrior Merchandise

What better way to show off your Warrior Pride than sporting your favorite Stan State gear? Let everyone know you love Stan State by wearing Warrior Merchandise.

Stockton Warrior DiscounterStockton Warrior Discounter

The Stockton Warrior Discounter program is designed to benefit both students and the Stockton community. Students can use their Warrior ID cards around the Stockton Community for special discounts on purchases.


Contact Info

For more information or questions please contact Jennifer Galeana-Vasquez – SC Programs and Services Coordinator – Stockton Campus, at 209-513-9431 or email at