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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is an accessibility review important?

Chancellor's Office policy requires the campus to purchase Electronic and Information Technology (E&IT) products that meet Section 508 Accessibility requirements.  Systems and applications that are not accessible pose a risk to the campus if a student, faculty, staff, parent, or the public is unable to use them.

Why is a security review important?

Systems and applications may contain protected/confidential information that needs to be protected
Systems and applications may pose risks to our network
Vendors applications must be protected
Vendor access to campus systems and data must be managed

What is considered in the feasibility/compatibility review?

Will this system/application work on the campus network?
Will this system/application require additional investment that needs to be considered?
Is this system/application already available on campus somewhere?

What if the product I want doesn't fully comply with Section 508? Can I still purchase it?

If the product being purchased does not fully comply with Section 508 requirements you may still be able to move forward with the purchase, however, this will require consultation with the Office of Accessible Technology Services.

What is a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT)? When do I need to get one?

VPATs allow vendors to document their level of compliance with Section 508 Standards. Individuals seeking to purchase E&IT will need to obtain a VPAT from the vendor and attach it to the ITPR request submitted in Team Dynamix. 

What if the vendor doesn't have a VPAT and will not create one?

If the vendor doesn't have a VPAT, full product testing may be required before you can purchase the product. The product usage may fall under a Section 508 exception, however a product without a VPAT that is not 100% accessible will always require an Equally Effective Alternate Access Plan (EEAAP).

 At a minimum, vendors will have to answer the following questions:

If your company has not completed a VPAT, what has your company done to evaluate the accessibility of your product?
Do you know of any problems or received any complaints regarding accessibility of your product?
If you know of accessibility issues with your product, what workarounds have you identified or would you recommend?
What is your company planning in the next year or so to incorporate accessibility into the product?

What if the vendor does not know about accessibility requirements?

The CSU Chancellor's Accessible Technology Initiative website has complete information about ICT procurement guidelines. Additional information is available on the CSU's Accessible Technology Initiative Procurement Process pages.

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