Instructional Design & Development

Instructional design encompasses both the theoretical arrangement of information in a course or unit and the practical production of learning materials to meet specified instructional goals and objectives. This site is designed to explain the services that are available to Stanislaus State faculty as part of any course that uses instructional technology to deliver content.

I. Online Pedagogy

Are you interested in exploring teaching online? Or, perhaps you've tried it but are looking for concrete guidance on how to make it a better experience for you and your students? Please visit the Online Pedagogy section for tips, tricks, best practices, and frequently asked questions related to all aspects of pedagogy in an online environment.

II. Copyright & the TEACH Act

In the copyright section, you'll find information and resources related to copyright with particular emphasis on how the TEACH Act can affect students' access to your instructional materials, particularly in an online or hybrid environment. The section also includes a introductory primer on Fair Use.

 NEW!   Interactive online presentation about the TEACH Act and Fair Use

III. Multimedia Services

The services offered for instructional purposes include the following:

  • Video editing, clip design, course reserves
  • Audio editing, clip design, course reserves
  • Web page creation
  • Graphic design

Please visit the Mutimedia Services page of the OIT - Learning Services web pages for more information.

Contact Information

For assistance with online teaching at Stanislaus State, please contact me!

Glenn T. Pillsbury, PhD
Instructional Designer
Office of Information Technology

T: 209-664-6511

On-campus: M-Th || Telecommute: F