Transfer Admission

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Application Period

Spring 2021 Application

August 1 – August 31

Fall 2021 Application

October 1 – February 1

Transfer Eligibility

You will qualify as an upper-division transfer student if you:

  • Complete a minimum of 60 transferable semesters or 90 quarter units
  • Have at least a cumulative 2.0 GPA
  • Are in good standing at the last college or university attended
  • Complete 30 units which meet CSU general education requirements with a grade of C- or better. These units must include the following four courses with a C- or better; a grade of CR is also acceptable:
  • (A1) Oral Communication/Speech
    (A2) Written English Composition
    (A3) Critical Thinking/Logic
    (B4) Math/Quantitative Reasoning (which is above the level of intermediate algebra)
  • Complete the above requirements by the designated deadlines:
    Fall 2021 admission- requirements must be completed by the end of summer 2021 prior to enrollment.
    Spring 2022 admission- requirements must be completed by the end of summer 2021 prior to enrollment.

Biological Sciences & Kinesiology Major Requirements

In addition to the upper-division transfer requirements, transfers wanting to declare the Biological Sciences or Kinesiology majors must complete the following prerequisites with a minimum grade of C- or better:

Biological Sciences

  • General Biology I—BIOL 1050 or equivalent
  • General Biology II—BIOL 1150 or equivalent
  • General Chemistry I—CHEM 1100 or equivalent
  • General Chemistry I Lab—CHEM 1102 or equivalent
  • General Chemistry II—CHEM 1110 or equivalent
  • General Chemistry II Lab—CHEM 1112 or equivalent


  • Principles of Biology—BIOL 1010 or equivalent
  • World of Biology—BIOL 1020 or equivalent
  • Human Physiology—ZOOL 2235 or equivalent
  • Human Anatomy—ZOOL 2250 or equivalent

Transfers who meet the upper division requirements, but not the prerequisite requirements will be admitted as Undeclared with an interest in their desired major.