University Strategic Plan 2017-2025

Implementation Plan

The Strategic Plan Implementation Plan, outlined below, is the plan for monitoring, reporting, and communicating strategic plan progress, as well as closing the loop for decision-making.

  1. The Strategic Planning, Enrollment Management, and Innovation (SPEMI) office develops, maintains, and updates the repository system for strategic plan progress reports.
  2. The Cabinet members representing each division present in early spring to the University Strategic Planning Council (USPC) their Division Annual Strategic Plan Progress Reports, which detail progress of implementation of strategies within their respective divisions in support of their priority objectives. These Division Annual Strategic Plan Progress Reports are submitted to SPEMI.
  3. The VP for SPEMI facilitates USPC and Cabinet review and analysis of the Division Annual Strategic Plan Progress Reports, and the VP for SPEMI develops from that review and analysis a composite University Annual Strategic Plan Progress Report reflecting the progress across all the divisions.
  4. SPEMI posts the University Annual Strategic Plan Progress Report on the Strategic Planning website.
  5. In mid-spring, the Cabinet members discuss the University Annual Strategic Plan Progress Report and their Division Annual Strategic Plan Progress Report within their respective divisions, and identify division priorities for the next year. These priorities are communicated broadly within and across divisions, and specifically to USPC and the University Budget Advisory Committee (UBAC).
  6. Ultimately, this loop-closing process informs Cabinet members’ prioritization process and their advocacy for and allocation of resources, within and across divisions, and integrates into the University’s annual budget call process.
  7. To enable communication of additional progress that occurs after the submission of the early-spring Division Annual Strategic Plan Reports, an end-of-year progress update will be submitted by the divisions to the SPEMI office, which will be published as an addendum to the University Annual Strategic Plan Progress Report and communicated broadly at events such as the President’s Fall Convocation and the fall Data-Sharing & Assessment Showcase Event Series.

2017/18 Division Annual Strategic Plan Tracking Reports – Coming Soon

As an intermediate strategy while the Implementation Plan was being developed during spring 2018, Cabinet members identified within their respective divisions preliminary 2017/18 Division Annual Strategic Planning Tracking Reports. 

2017/18 University Annual Strategic Plan Progress Report

Strategic Plan: Elements of On-going Performance Monitoring

Updated: April 09, 2024